• Wellcome Middle School offers a great opportunity to our scholars who are interested
    in learning a musical instrument. We offer both band and orchestra, so there is a place for
    In band, students can choose woodwind instruments such as the flute, clarinet, and alto
    saxophone. They can also choose a brass instrument such as the trumpet, trombone,
    euphonium, tuba and horn. Percussion instruments such as the snare drum, xylophone,
    marimba, glockenspiel and bass drum are also available.
    In orchestra, students can only play string instruments. These instruments include violin,
    viola, cello and double bass.
    Both ensembles are offered starting in the 6th grade. 6th grade band and orchestra are
    considered to be “beginner” ensembles. In the 6th grade, the students will gain the knowledge
    necessary to properly hold, play, and maintain their instruments. They will also learn the basics
    of music theory such as notes, rhythms, symbols and terminology. After completing 6th grade
    band or orchestra, students will have the tools necessary to advance to the 7th and 8th grade
    The band and orchestra students in all three grade levels will showcase their skills and
    musicianship by performing at least two concerts per school year. Students enrolled in the 7th
    and 8th grade ensembles will also have the opportunity to participate in the All-County Band
    or Orchestra. This event allows students from all of the middle schools in Pitt County to share
    the stage and make music. The students will spend several days working with a top-notch
    clinician in rehearsals and sectionals, and then finish off the clinic with a performance.
    Our band and orchestra programs offer a perfect opportunity for our students to
    express themselves creatively while also learning a universal language, discipline, teamwork,
    and accountability. These are skills that will help them succeed not only in the classroom, but in
    For any questions about our music program please contact Mr. Leontiev.