• All games begin at 4:00pm ( the exception is Jamboree games)

    Jamboree games will be played at 12:00pm and 2:00pm

Date Opponent Home/Away
2/26/22 Riverside Middle Away - Jamboree - Baseball Only
3/7/22 GR Whitfield Home
3/9/22 Chicod Away
3/23/22 CM Eppes Home
3/28/22 EB Aycock Home
3/30/22 AG Cox Away
4/4/22 PS Jones Away
4/6/22 Greene County Home
4/11/22 Hope Home
4/20/22 EB Aycock Away
4/25/22 AG Cox Home
4/27/22 PS Jones Home
5/2/22 Greene County Away
5/4/22 Hope Away

Coaching Staff

  • Head Baseball Coach:

    Rob Harrington

    Head Softball Coach:

    Jamie Corbett