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  • Mrs. Friday - Media Coordinator 


    Mrs. Crockett - Media Coordinator

Welcome to our Learning Commons!

  • South Central High School’s Media Center Mission Statement

    We strive to empower students to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate successfully, and create independently through quality instruction supported by caring relationships.


    • Thanks to the leadership of our superintendent, Dr. Lenker, our schools have received $1.9 million dollars to purchase library books in an initiative called The Big Library Project.  Here are the proposed purchase lists for these books.  These books have been carefully chosen and will be reviewed by our school Media & Technology Advisory Committee as well as by the PCS Board of Education before purchasing.   If you would like to offer feedback on this list, please click here  to complete a feedback form. 


     South Central High School’s  Library Media Center Vision

    Every student achieves the skills and knowledge to be a competitive and productive citizen in today’s world.


    Library Media Center Goals

    • Foster traditional and digital literacy for all future-ready learners

    • Impact teaching and learning by encouraging professional collaboration and implementing inquiry-based projects

    • Support flexible access to resources and services in our media centers

    • Provide quality learning experiences and appropriate print and digital media for all types of learners

    • Create learning spaces that are functional, inviting, safe, welcoming and accessible

    • Promote best practices by offering staff development that is relevant & practical. 

    • Strive to promote digital citizenship among students to establish a community of 21st century learners.



    Open daily @ 8:00 am

    During School Hours~
    Students may come to the Media Center with a class or a pass.

    "A library is more than a brick and mortar building filled with delicious books. It is also a community of people who live to invest in our youth, who read for knowledge and fun, and who are ready to include anyone who walks through the door."
    - Authors for Libraries, a program of United for Libraries