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  • Welcome, Readers!


    Welcome to the Sugg Bundy Media Center!

    Our media center is the heart of our school. Here students can learn digital and information literacy, engage in makerspace activities, hear a story, and find a favorite book!

    The Sugg/Bundy Elementary School Media Center serves H. B. Sugg Elementary School (K-2) and Sam D. Bundy Elementary (3-5) School. Both schools together serve over 750 students.


    Book Check-Out

             Destiny Catalog

             How to Navigate Destiny

    • Students may check out books during scheduled class times.
    • Kindergarten-1st grade students may check out one book at a time.
    • 2nd-3rd grade students may check out two books at a time.
    • 4th-5th grade students may check out three books at one time.
    • Students must pay to replace lost or damaged books. Until books are paid for, checkouts will be limited to one book.



    • All students are assigned a PCS device, a computer login and must use their own login when on the computer.
    • Students will use the Internet for appropriate reasons and may post their work online as decided by school faculty.


    School Board Policies 

    To see Pitt County Schools School Board policies related to the media center and other instructional issues, please click here.


Contact Us

  • Mrs. Gabrielle Lamb,  Media Coordinator

    Mrs. Stacy Pratt,  Media and Technology Assistant