• fbla If you are currently taking a business/computer class or will be taking one this year or have completed two business classes in the past then you have an opportunity to join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), the largest business career student organization in the world. FBLA helps prepare students for careers in business and business-related fields. Throughout the year students can participate in a broad range of activities that are engaging and fun. FBLA members also participate in many drives throughout the year as a part of our commitment to our community.


    To prepare students for the business world FBLA hosts numerous competitions and leadership conferences for our members.


    In the Fall our FBLA region hosts a leadership summit for students to learn about leadership skills and professionalism.


    In the Winter students compete at the Regional Leadership Conference. Some of the events at the Regional Leadership Conference are: business calculations, business communications, business methods, business procedures, computer applications, job interview and public speaking. This event is a one day event.


    In the Spring students can compete at the State Leadership Conference held in Greensboro for three days. Some of the events at this conference are: banking and financial systems, business computing technology, business law, business plan, business presentation, computer game and simulation design, desktop publishing, digital video production, e-business, economics, entrepreneurship, impromptu speaking, parliamentary procedure, marketing, networking concepts, and website development to name a few.


    If students win at the State Leadership Conference they can then attend our National Competition. In the past few years we have taken students to Atlanta, Nashville, Orlando, Chicago and San Antonio to compete.


    At each of these conferences members have the opportunity to not only compete but attend workshops and seminars to foster the development of business, leadership, and character traits.


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    D. H. Conley High School is fortunate to have several winners at the state level of competition at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference held in Greensboro each year.


    State Competition 2020 Online (Nationals Online)

    First place winners: Caleb Dudley - Introduction to Business Procedures; James Britt, Joseph Glass, Aidan Hvastkovs - Public Service Announcement; Anna Morse - UNC-G Bryan School of Business Scholarship

    Second Place: Mackenzie Dickinson, Mary Ross, Ava Stewart - Business Financial Plan

    Third Place: Megan Harmon - Health Care Administration; Reagan Truell, Mia Valladares - Social Media Campaign

    Fourth Place: Jordan Anderson - Business Communication; Samantha Goodman - Job Interview; Douglas Brown - Political Science


    State Competition 2019 (Nationals held in San Antonio, TX)

    First place winners: Sarah McGee - Business Communication; Ethan Patel - Health Care Administration; Kate Callahan - Intro to FBLA Facts; Cameron Callahan, Reed Chandler, and Shane Tillet - Management Information Systems.

    Second Place winners: Mary Beth Cole and Emma Jane Cole - Business Plan; Pythagoras Cringan - Insurance and Risk Management; Sophie Mallinson, Madison Rose, and Brooke Sullivan - Management Decision Making; John Anderson, Marissa Miller, and Brad Weyand - Website Design.

    Third Place winners: Ramya Mabry and Reyna Pinto - Business Financial Plan; Eric Atkinson - Computer Problem Solving; Alex Banning, Carlton House, and Alec Logan - Digital Video Production; Jonathan Hurst, Jordan McEachern, and Anna Morse - Emerging Business Issues.

    Fourth Place winners: Kiki Wang - Business Calculations; Allison Parker - Business Plan; Emma Bice, Ashton Harrison, and Laney Mullis - Mobile App Development; Allie Jackson, Casey Vickery, and Anna West - Publication Design.

    DH Conley High School also won the Gold Seal Chapter award. 


    State Competition 2018 (Nationals held in Baltmore, MD)

    D.H. Conley High School had 101 finalists. D. H. Conley received the most winners out of any high school chapter in the state of North Carolina! D. H. Conley’s chapter was also recognized with the three highest chapter awards. They received the Helen Ragan Chapter of the Year Award, Gold Seal Chapter Award and Lexi Tamvakis, William Finelli and Annsley Bowen earned first place in the Joyce M. Keller Local Chapter Annual Business Report competition.

     First Place winners:
     Daniel Martinez, Jack Hanley, and Jeryn Lambries – Computer Game and Simulation Programming
     Cameron Callahan – Database Design and Applications
     Charles Carraway and Nathaniel Carels – E-business
     Jordan Anderson – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
     Cameron Smith, Casey Vickery, and Mary Horton – Management Information Systems
     Campbell Bratton and Heather Snead – Publication Design
     Madison Rose and Brooke Sullivan – Life Smarts
     Campbell Bratton and William Finelli – Life Smarts.

     Second Place winners:
     Emma Cole – Business Financial Plan
     Ethan Patel – Computer Problem Solving
     Austin Bland, Liam Dao, and Hannah Martin – Emerging Business Issues
     Jonathan Hurst, Matthew Lower, and Laura Mallinson – Graphic Design
     Alexis DeSoto, Sharon Ramirez, and Anna West – Hospitality Management
     Myana Mabry – Job Interview
     Nikita Liu and Alisia Tseng – Management Decision Marketing
     Lawrence Navarro – Networking Concepts
     Allison Gallagher, Kenzie Gill, and Elizabeth Martin – Website Design.

     Third Place winners:
     Annsley Bowen and Alexandra Tamvakis – Business Ethics
     RaMya Mabry – Business Plan
     Thomas Jones – Coding and Programming
     Carlos Ochoa and Brayan Perez – E-business
     Joshua Laney, Devon Lien, and Kevin Smith – Global Business
     Angela Anderson – Health Care Administration
     Camryn Maloney, Lydia Sowers, and Melissa Tennant – Social Media Campaign.

     Fourth Place winners:
     Kaila Locklear – Database Design and Applications
     William Dunn and Randy Farrow – Entrepreneurship
     Sarah McGee – Introduction to Business Communication
     Breanna Sullivan – Introduction to FBLA
     Adam Eldib, William Finelli, and Bradley Slier – Network Design
     Jorge Carrillo, Zane Jernigan, and Gabriel Ochoa – Sports and Entertainment Management.

     Top 10 Finalists:
     Holly Avery – Accounting II
     Alexis Schroeder – Accounting II
     Allison Parker – Agribusiness
     Kennedy Sparks, Spencer Tingen, and William Whitehurst – Banking and Financial Systems
     Kassidy Blount – Business Calculations
     Weston Everett – Business Calculations
     Reed Chandler – Business Law
     Faithful-Joy Cotton – Business Plan
     Jackie Liu – Computer Applications
     Eric Atkinson – Computer Problem Solving
     Andrew Dearing and Laura Madson – Digital Video Production
     Aidan Hvastkovs and Reagan Truell – Digital Video Production
     Jonathan Jones – Help Desk
     Shane Tillett – Impromptu Speaking
     Josh Bowen – Introduction to Business
     Sean Nelson and Connor Whitehurst – Introduction to Business Presentation
     William Harrell – Introduction to Business Procedures
     Gauri Patel – Introduction to FBLA
     Megan Harmon – Introduction to Financial Math
     Neeraj Mehra – Introduction to Information Technology
     Isaac Saucedo – Introduction to Information Technology
     Alisha Anderson – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
     Natalie Martin - Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
     Abigail Burns – Journalism
     Alannah Thomas – Journalism
     Mark Alloway – Networking Concepts
     Maggie Haas and Ashley Hinson – Public Service Announcement
     Andrew Miller, Eli Orians, and Jackson Taylor - Public Service Announcement
     Carmen Smith - Public Service Announcement
     Mary Beth Cole – Public Speaking
     Morgan Despres – Securities and Investment
     Madison Rupp – Securities and Investment
     Morgan Tingen – Securities and Investment
     Brayan Perez and Lindsey Garris – Spirit T-shirt
     John Anderson – Spreadsheet Applications
     Seth Laney – Spreadsheet Applications
     Jenna Lee – Spreadsheet Applications
     Madison Rose and Brooke Sullivan – Website Design
     Jack Hanley - Microsoft Office Recognition Test
     Matt Lower and Madison Rose - Multimedia Webpage Design Recognition Test
     Brayan Perez - Personal Finance Recognition Test.