• Bus Transportation

    In an effort to provide safe and efficient transportation for your child, Falkland Elementary School will continue to enforce Pitt County School board policies regarding student busing assignments.  North Carolina School Transportation Law and Pitt County Schools policies obligate schools to provide transportation to and from a student’s residence/domicile.  Students will be permitted to ride a school bus to and from the bus stop nearest the address of residence.  Students will only be able to ride on their assigned bus.  Proof of residency needs to be provided to the Power School Data Manager two to five days in advance before the Assistant Principal will approve the new bus assignment.   Phone calls will not be accepted for address changes.

    Due to capacity issues and route planning, Falkland administration will not approve requests for a student to ride a bus that they are not assigned to on a daily basis.  (For example:  If a student is having a sleepover and requests their friend ride home the bus home with them, the request will not be approved.  Other arrangements must be made for transportation.)

    If your child is normally a bus rider and will be a car rider for one or two days, a written note must be submitted to the child’s teacher each day there is a change in transportation.  The note should be signed and dated by the parent/guardian and should include the teacher’s name, child’s name, the parent’s name, parent’s contact number, and the effective date.  A separate note should be written for each child.  Transportation changes cannot be made over the phone.   

    As a reminder, bus stops are not under the jurisdiction of Pitt County Schools.  Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children prior to the time they board the bus and after they are delivered back to the designated bus stop.

    (This is from our Parent Student Handbook)