Student Dress Code

  • The following link directs to Pitt County School's Student Dress Code and Appearance Policy Summary.


    Dress Code (PCS Policy 4316)

    The dress code and appearance of students has a significant effect on conduct and behavior while at school. The purpose of the Pitt Academy dress code is to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and free of distractions. Program administration and staff reserve the right to deem student attire inappropriate. If the dress is inappropriate, the student will remove the inappropriate attire for the remainder of the school day or a parent will be contacted to bring appropriate attire to the student. Students who refuse to follow the dress code may be suspended from school. Pitt Academy’s dress code requires full shoes, no slides, bedroom slippers, flip flops or sandals are permitted for students.  Pitt Academy Transition Center also does not permit the color red to be worn anywhere on the student's clothing or shoes. Pitt Academy continues to not allow hoodies and jackets to be worn in the building, for cargo pants/shorts to be worn or holes in any clothing.