• 7:25am - Students and Parents may enter the building

    7:45am - School starts/tardy bell

    2:25pm - Dismissed 


    Late Arrival at School

    1.  Students are marked tardy by the classroom teacher if arriving between 7:45-8:30.  If students arrive after 8:30, students should be signed in at the office by a parent.

    2.  Parents are asked to provide their child with a note or doctor's excuse if they are absent or tardy.  Students returning from an absence should bring a note.

    3.  Perfect attendance certificate may be earned with no absences AND no unexcused tardies.

    4.  Students must be at school before 11:15 to be counted present for the day.


    Early Dismissal

    1.  Students needing to check out of school before the school day is over must obtain permission from the office.

    2.  Students leaving early must have written permission from their parents/guardian prior to leaving school with any other adult.

    3.  A parent must sign the student out in the office if a student returns to school within the same day, the parent must return to the school and sign the student back in. NO CHILD SHOULD BE DISMISSED EARLY UNLESS THE OFFICE CALLS FOR THEM.

    4.  Please attempt to make all appointments after school hours so we are able to limit disruptions to the classroom