Link Crew

  • What is Link Crew?

    Link Crew is a high school transition program that increases freshman success. Members of the junior and senior class are trained to be Link Leaders who act as positive role models, motivators, and mentors helping guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school. As freshmen success increases, the benefits to the school culture and climate become apparent. Link Crew schools report having greater connection, increased extracurricular participation, fewer discipline issues and greater pride and spirit.


    A year with the Link Crew begins with a spirited and interactive freshman orientation at the start of the school year. After a general assembly, the Link Leaders lead their Crew through a series of fun, positive activities designed to help them all get to know each other, as well as learn important campus information. These activities spark discussion and thought regarding the upcoming responsibilities, choices and challenges of being in high school. The goal of the day is to welcome the freshmen to their new campus and encourage them to think about the path they will take during the next four years.


     How does our Panther Link Crew support STUDENTS?


    We, the Link Leaders of North Pitt High School, believe that our Link Crew will build confidence in our students.  It will build connections between our students and our school, and our school with the community.  We, the Link Leaders will serve as positive peer role models.  The Link Crew will set expectations and the culture we know to be necessary not only for academic success but for overall success.  Link Crew helps students, both freshmen, Link Leaders and others to set and achieve goals.  Through Link Crew, the Link Leaders have an opportunity to build and demonstrate our leadership skills.


    Link Crew Goal Majority of Freshmen promoted to 10th grade at end of year

    Link Crew Fear That we will have 9th graders drop out of school this year

    Link Crew Success:  Our community service—come join us!

    Link Crew Dream:  That all freshmen members of the class of 2017 graduate in June, 2017.


    How does our Panther Link Crew support TEACHERS and STAFF?


    Link Crew is a research based program.  It has been shown to successfully reduce the number of discipline issues in a variety of schools.  The Link Leaders serve as “middle men” to help freshmen before they even get to the point of struggling (academics, socialization, behavior, etc.).  Through the activities and numerous other interactions the Link Leaders will have with their freshmen Crew members.  Research has shown that these activities help students improve focus, attention and attendance.  Other schools have given testimony that they noted an improvement in overall morale.  Link Crew reduces apathy and supports the learning environment.

    Why do we think Link Crew works?


    The answer is very important to know and understand:  Research indicates that a new student coming into high school makes a decision of whether or not to stay in school in the first 4 Weeks! There are more than 1500 schools nationwide who participate in a Link Crew program. We’re on board—how about you?