• Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the cafeteria. Menus are sent home on a monthly basis. Students may pay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or they may bring their lunch.


    PCS Breakfast & Lunch Menu

    Prepay online for meals


    Free and Reduced Lunch and Breakfast

    Free or reduced-price are available for those who qualify. An application can be obtained from the school office at any time during the school year.


    Cafeteria Charge Policy

    Students are allowed to charge a meal in the cafeteria if it is necessary. The cafeteria will send a notice home when money is borrowed. Students who fail to bring lunch money may charge their meal up to two times. If a student does not bring money after two charges, the child nutrition policy is to provide the student with milk, fruit, and bread. Prepayment is encouraged.

  • Cafeteria Rules

    1. Talk quietly, and only to those sitting close by
    2. Stay in your seat until given permission to get up
    3. Use good table manners at all times and pick up all food and trash from the tables and floor
    4. Enter and leave the cafeteria quietly, following hallway rules