About Our School


    Stokes School Mission: Building a community of lifelong learners and leaders. 

    Motto: Preparing to face tomorrow by inspiring leadership today.  Today is a great day to lead! 

    Vision: To build leadership skills that will inspire lifelong learners to be global thinkers who are accountable to themselves and others. 



    Our Journey
    In June of 2015 Stokes School began the process of becoming a Leader in Me School. Our staff attended multiple trainings and learned: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, How to Create Culture, How to Launch Leadership, and How to Teach Others the 7 Habits. In August 2015 the staff welcomed the first group of students to benefit from The Leader in Me. In August 2016 the staff added Aligning Academics to our toolbox. Aligning Academics allows our school, teachers, classes, and students to align academic goals in order to achieve success. In March 2017 our staff engaged in the Empowering Instruction training. Our hope is that we will begin to see students blossom into leaders at Stokes School. We are excited about this school transformation!



    NC School Report Card

    NC School Report Cards