• Student Light House Team

    Members will work closely with the staff Lighthouse Team and make a positive impact for the Stokes students, staff, families, and community. Members will help plan leadership events and leadership opportunities throughout the school year and ensure Stokes consistency as a Leader in Me school.

    Math Masters

    Math Masters is a county-wide elementary math competition. Each school has a team of 18 students, 6 from each of grades 3 through 5. Grade level teams are determined through a qualifying exam. The teams meet weekly to practice math problems and hone their math skills.

    The competition has three parts:
    1. Individual paper and pencil test in 45 minutes.
    2. Each grade level team works together to solve problems.
    3. Jeopardy Round. The students with the highest scores from the morning's individual test (#1) compete in this.

    Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books team members read an assigned list of books and compete with other schools in the county to demonstrate knowledge of those books. Any student who reads the required books and can demonstrate knowledge of those books is invited to join the team. Elementary Battle of the Books is open to all 4th and 5th graders. Our competition will be in March. Middle School Battle of the Books is open to 6th-8th grade students. Our competition will be in February. Please see Mrs. Garris, Media Coordinator, for book lists.

    Weekly Clubs

    We have weekly clubs that are formed based on student interest.  Club assignments are based on student input and have included topics including beekeeping, kindness, Legos, board games, line dancing, sports, art, music, anime, and more.  Students meet with their club weekly for one semester.  Clubs are different each year based on student and teacher interests.