Policies & Procedures

  • Children checking out books


    Book Check-Out

    • Students may check out books during scheduled class time (K-2, EC, PreK) or during scheduled class visits (3-5) and flex time (2-5 ).
    • Kindergarten students may check out one book each visits. Books will be kept in the classroom until we begin taking books home in January.
    • 1st & 2nd grade students may check out two books each visit. 
    • 3rd - 5th grade students may check out three books each visit.
    • Students may come to the library no more than once per day to check out books so they don't miss valuable instructional time.
    • Students must pay to replace lost or damaged books and will not be able to check out new books until they are paid for.



    • All students are assigned a computer login and must use their own login when on the computer.
    • Students will use the Internet for appropriate reasons and may post their work online as decided by school faculty.  


    School Board Policies 

    To see Pitt County Schools School Board policies related to the media center, technology and other instructional issues, please refer to the PCS Student Handbook click here.


    Specific Policies concerning technology: Network / Internet Use By Students (Policies 3220, 3225/4312/7320, 3226/4205, 3227/7322, and 3230/7330)