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    Farmville Central High School is located in Eastern North Carolina in the town of Farmville. Farmville attendance area students have a unique educational experience.  We are fortunate to have a four school campus; all schools are on adjacent properties in town.  Parents can easily drop off and pick up students and be involved in multiple campuses.  It allows for articulation among administrations, teachers, and community support officials.  Farmville is proud to support the educational endavors of its growing community.


    H. B. Sugg - Pre K - 2nd Grade

    Sam D. Bundy - 3rd Grade - 5th Grade

    Farmville Middle School - 6th Grade - 8th Grade

    Farmville Central High School - 9th Grade - 12th Grade


    Learn more about what Farmville, NC has to offer by visiting the Welcome to Farmville website.


    Farmville NC