Dress Code

  •   dress code


    Important: Please  click here for complete information on the Pitt County Schools dress code and appearance policy.

    • Clothing should be age appropriate, properly fitted, and suitable for the learning

    • Spirit wear, district/county programs/colleges/universities and community organizations
      clothing items are permissible.

    • Shirts/tops must have sleeves, cover the chest and back from arm to arm.

    • Bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts) must be mid-thigh in length and worn at the waist.

    • When the body is standing straight, clothing must cover the chest, back, torso, stomach, and
      lower extremities from arm to arm to mid-thigh with no exposed undergarments.

    • Shoes must be worn at all times and must conform to requirements for specific classes.

    • Hoodies and hooded jackets may not have the hood covering the head while in the school
      building. Continued violation of this requirement may/shall result in not being allowed to
      wear a hoodie at school.