• The purpose of the Advisory Council is:


    1. To promote the welfare of J.H. Rose students, faculty and staff at school, at home and in the community.

    2.  To facilitate communication among parents, the community and school leadership. To advise the principal and school leadership about the impact of school policies and programs on students and their families.

    3. To encourage participation and coordinate the efforts of booster/parents organizations, student government and student clubs.

    4. To encourage school spirit and promote excellence in every aspect of student life.
  • Advisory Board Council Members 


    Kelly Burgweger - President
    Kim Cobb - Secretary
    Nicole Davis - Rampant Wear
    Dana Gauland - Vice President
    Jenna Leissner - Booster Organization Liaison
    Emi McCall - Rampant Wear
    Megan Nelson - SIT Representative