• Battle of the Books is a competition for 4th and 5th graders. Students at Wintergreen will compete for 12 spots on our team. Our team will then go on to compete against other elementary Battle of the Books teams for the county title. The county's winning team will go on to compete in the Regional competition. This year we will be choosing our Wintergreen team a little differently than in the past.


    The requirements for Wintergreen's Battle of the Books Team is that you read and AR test all 15 books on the Elementary Battle of the Books List. We have broken down the dates for when and how many books you must read and AR test on:

    4 books by Friday, October 13th

    4 additional books by Friday, November 17th for a total of 8 books

    4 additional books by Tuesday, December 19th for a total of 12 books

    3 additional books by Friday, January 19th for a total of 15 books


    On Wednesday, January 24th, we will announce the 18 students who have the highest AR average on the 15 Battle of the Books. Those students will receive a letter to be signed and returned by Friday, January 26th inviting them to try-out for the team and confirming that they can attend all practices and competitions as outlined in the letter. Students who can not attend all practices and competitions will be dropped from the potential list and the next student on the list, by AR average, will be added to the try-outs, given they too can meet attendance expectations.


    On Thursday, February 1st, the top 18 students will compete, Battle of the Books Style, for the top 12 spots. Students who are able to recite all of the titles and authors as well as answer the most questions about the books will make the team.


    Good Luck and Happy Reading!  ~ Mrs. Williams


    For further information on Elementary Battle of the Books visit http://www.ncslma.org/ebob