Math Masters 2015
  • Math Masters is a math competition that began in a few of the Pitt County Schools in 2003.  In 2006, the competition had become such a success that all twenty elementary schools began participating.  Math Masters Teams are formed in each elementary school in Pitt County to celebrate and encourage students with advanced math capabilities.  


    At Wintergreen Intermediate, each grade level will administer a qualifying test to approximately the top 25% of its math students.  Once the scores are reviewed, the team is made up of the strongest six students from each grade level (six 3rd graders, six 4th graders and six 5th graders).   The final team is typically chosen and announced by the end of January.  Those 18 students practice at school as a team typically during their lunch period with the AIG teachers.  The team members are also encouraged to practice at home to learn as many math strategies as possible to prepare for the event.  


    This year Wintergreen Intermediate will compete on Thursday, April 26, 2018.  The competition is held at the Murphy Center on ECU's campus.  Wintergreen Intermediate's team has won 1st place in the county seven of the last nine years it has participated.  Wintergreen Intermediate also has had 3 individuals take home the individual Math Master title.  Good Luck to all the mathematicians and Go Gators!


    *For even more information about the Math Masters Competition, please visit the Wintergreen AIG website at: