Parents: Parents may NOT drop off child(ren) until 7:45 am. Have your child wait in the car until the door opens. Do NOT drop off your child after 8:10 am. Be sure to send your child with $1 each day or you may pre-pay in advance. IOU’s are accepted if your child forgets on occasion but those accounts must be cleared out by Friday of the same week. 
    COVID update - Early Bird will take place in the gym. Students must wear their mask. Students will remain seated, socially distanced, while they are in Early Bird. 

    Students MUST:

    • Sign in, pay $1 and take a seat 
    • Stay in original seat until the dismissal bell (8:15 am). 
    • Students may use cell phones for music and games but they must have headphones. Students will not be allowed to play music, play games or watch videos aloud.
    • Students may NOT take photos, snaps or make posts on social media during Early Bird 
    • Keep the noise level at a normal talking level- NO shouting or having conversations across the gym.
    • You MUST ask to use the restroom. Only 1 person at a time.
    • NO FOOD or DRINKS (NO EATING). Breakfast must be eaten before arriving.
    • Any “IOU’s” must be settled at the end of the week. 


    Early Bird is a service provided for you and your parents. However, if you fail to follow the rules, you may be suspended or banned from the Early Bird Program.