23-24 Wrestling
    Wrestling photo album 

    **Mrs. Below's Disclaimer**
    I am NOT a professional photographer. I have a nice camera and I enjoy taking pictures. Some images may be out of focus or off center.
    I do my best to get as many athletes as I can.
    Families are welcome to use my photographs for their personal use. 



    Congratulations to the wrestling team on their win against North Pitt 45-42. Hope wrestlers winning matches were:

    Bryce Lewis

    Hayden Lovett 

    Max Myers

    Rafaan Ahmad

    Mike King II

    Travarus Gunter

    Camden Mears


    The teams next match will be at AG Cox next Tuesday at 4 pm.



    If you have questions about the wrestling program at GR Whitfield, contact GRW's Athletic Director, Johnny Signorelli or email the wrestling coach directly here. Coach Gary Howard