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    Our Purpose:
    Chicod Parent Teacher Organizaton is dedicated to promoting our children's health, wellbeing, and educational success through strong parent, teacher, family, and community involvement.


    Your Support:
    You can support our Chicod students by joining the PTO. Family memberships are $10.00 per year. We encourage all parents and guardians to join the PTO! We are dedicated to promoting our Chicod children’s health, wellbeing, and educational success through strong parent, family and community involvement. Please contact us anytime at our general contact information: chicodschoolpto@gmail.com. Please also join our group on Facebook, Chicod School PTO.   

    Use this link to purchase memberships, car decals, water bottles, and other Chicod items:

    In addition to your membership fee, there are many additional opportunities for you to help. Please consider the many ways you can assist. Some opportunities require minimal time, but make a huge difference. We appreciate any support you can provide to help us promote a positive educational environment at Chicod School.


    Fundraisers - Why Do We Need Your Support?
    Fundraising is the primary way the PTO raises funds for Chicod School.  You may wonder how the funds that are raised are used to help our Chicod Students. Over the last several years, our PTO spent thousands of dollars to support educational and instructional needs not covered with state and federal funding. Some of these items include:

    * Mini-grants awarded to teachers who want to develop special programs or materials to meet specific student needs.

    * Classroom technology which allows teachers to teach each child in a manner in which they can best learn.

    * Ipads, and Chrome Book Laptops to assist teachers in a state-of-art learning atmosphere.

    * Accelerated Reading program which promotes development of reading skills in all grade levels.

    * Safety Materials and First Aid Bags for each classroom.

    * Funding for Field Day activities which promote exercise and health in a fun and exciting environment.

    * $500 Beta Club Scholarship donated to a graduating D.H. Conley student from Chicod School.

    * Teacher Appreciation events held throughout the school year.

    * Playground Equipment 


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