• Remember:

    Be sure to always collect your doctor's notes, DMV slips, social services documents, college visit information, court dates, or any other documents that explain why you were out of school. These will be useful when you need your days excused and will prevent you from failing classes because of too many absences. Try to come to school as much as possible and be on time!

    Make-up Days

    Make-up Calendar will be added as available

    Attendance is very important to student success. It is our expectation that students should be in school every day. Students who are absent a total of 11 or more periods per course shall fail that course.


    Students may attend make-up day sessions in order to replace these absences. For every class period the student is over they will need to make up 2 hours.

    Please see the calendar for the days available this semester.


    College Day Request Letter

    College Request Letter

    College Day Form

    You will need to fill out this form and return it to Kim Cohen with parent signatures if you want to have an excused absence for college visits. Please remember that only juniors and seniors at Rose get two college visits per year. This two days (maximum) will not count towards the 10 missed school days (per semester) maximum for students.


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