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Thank you for helping us kick off our new dismissal process yesterday! We are now one of 2,000 schools using the PikMyKid Safety Dismissal Platform!

New Information: 
Some parents and guardians had "auto announce" clicked in the app, but not set to "always" in settings.

To make things go smoother, please either:
1. change your setting to "always" or
2. click "announce" when you arrive once the "announce" button turns green. It will turn green daily at 2:00.

Here are step-by-step screenshots if you decide to use auto-announce:

Display the car tag in the window until your child is in the car.

Please pull all the way up.


Previously Shared Information:

Our new, safer dismissal system will be implemented in February for students in all grades. Beginning this Thursday, February 1st, drop-off and pick-up on the K-3 side will shift to the sidewalk instead of the curve. 4-8 pickup will continue to use the current area. During dismissal, students will remain in the building until it is their designated time to leave. It is very important you have the app downloaded, you are set to “auto announce” and you have your car tag displayed. At the very least you must know your child’s number or you will have to park and go inside and show ID. 

If you haven't already, please download the PikMyKid App. Again, please ensure that your phone is set to "auto announce" within the application so that we can accurately track your arrival and send your child to the designated pickup area.

For any questions or issues with the app, please contact PikMyKid's support team at

Like with any new system, we anticipate hiccups. Please be patient with us while we implement our new system. Our goal is to keep your children safe.  A helpful video has been created. Please view it at your convenience.


Additional Info:

Car tags and connection codes were sent home on Wednesday, Jan. 10. The two individual tags provided are your car tags, and the sheet with two codes contains your parent connection codes. Starting in February, please prominently display your car tag. For those without a smartphone, we will rely on the car tag, and our on-duty staff will input the code to notify the inside staff of your child's departure time.

Each family has two parent connection codes. If you were not automatically linked to your child during registration, use the connection code to establish the link. Note that these codes expire on January 31st, so please download and register on the application promptly.

Parents can delegate alternate individuals for their child's pickup, but they must also have the app or the car tag, as it will send a matching number to the phone to validate the correct person picking up the designated child.

Regardless of whether your child is a regular car rider, please download the app and register, as they may need car transportation at some point during the year.