2021-2022 Sports Physical Form

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  • Athletic Insurance
    You may acquire information regarding this insurance through the Athletic Director, Daniel Hall, or on the Pitt County Schools website.



    Dressing-Out for Physical Education

    Students in grades 6 - 8 are expected to dress out (change clothes) for Physical Education. Students must change into the Chicod Physical Education uniform.  The cost for the Chicod Physical Education uniform (shorts and t-shirt) is $24.00.  Separately they are $12 each.  If a middle school student does not dress out for PE they will receive a zero for that day.  After each nine weeks students will begin with a clean record.

    K - 5 students may also purchase these clothes but are not required to wear them for PE.




    Attendance Policy for Participating on Sports Teams/Events

    1. A student must be in attendance 85% of the previous semester to be eligible for a sport.

    2. Student must be present in school until 11:30 am or report to school by 11:30 am to be eligible to participate in a game the same day.


    Athletics Academic Policy

    Athletes are expected to be students first. Students must pass 5 out of 6 classes the previous marking period and previous semester. If a student fails more than one class during the season that student will be removed from the team. Grades will checked periodically throughout each sport’s season.


    Athletics Discipline Policy

    Office Referral


    1st Referral

    No practice or game the day of referral and/or 1 game Suspension

    2nd Referral

    No practice or game the day of referral and/or 2 game Suspension

    3rd Referral

    Off the team for the remainder of that sports season


    Off the team for the remainder of that sports season

    >=2 OSS

    Ineligible for any sport the remainder of school year.


    Staying for Ball Games

    Kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students are welcome to stay after school for ballgames when accompanied by a parent.  This is for safety reasons.  Fourth through eighth grade students may stay after school without a parent.  They are to go in the gym or ball field immediately after school and someone will be there to monitor them.  Snacks are available at the concession stand in the gym lobby for them to purchase. Students must follow all school rules during ballgames including the Uniform Policy.  Failure to do so will result in not being able to stay for any athletic events for the remainder of the school year and will result in punishment based on the Pitt County Schools Code of Conduct. Students serving In-School or Out-of-School Suspension for that day cannot attend any Chicod School events on or off campus during the duration of their suspension.