Track Announcements:
    Weather permitting, tryouts will be February 21, 22 and 23rd from 3:45-5:15pm (for all grades, all 3 days). Tryouts and practices are closed to parents, family and friends.
    Athletes should have:
    -All paperwork turned in prior to noon, on Feb. 21st, or earlier. It would be easier to turn all paperwork in earlier so your player can be "checked off" and missing forms or forms missing signatures can be corrected prior to tryouts. Students may not try out without all the completed forms (see physcial forms below).
    -Clothing appropriate for the weather (sweatshirts, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, jackets etc. Also, bring clothes/sneakers for indoor tryouts, in case of inclement weather
    REGISTRATION: Registration for 2021-22 Track is now open. Students should log into thier own, school Gmail account or from their school's chromebook, to access the registration. Parents will not have "permission" to access the registration form. 
    To REGISTER for BOYS Track, click HERE
    To REGISTER for GIRLS Track, click HERE
    PHYSICALS:  In order to try out for a team, students must have a sports physical by a licensed physician. The physical forms must be completed in its entirety and be on the approved forms. 
    To print a PHYSICAL FORM, click HERE



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