Welcome to the Wolfpack Parents Committee

    The Wolfpack Parents Committee was created by Parents for Parents
    to assist in supporting the school staff while engaging with other Parents.
    This Committee is composed of Parents volunteering their time and efforts to
    provide help to school staff with organizing activities both inside and outside the school.
    They assist with facilitating projects at the direction of the Administrative Staff
    and act as a liaison between other class Parents.

    This Committee will meet via hybrid once every other month in-person & virtually to accommodate all schedules.
    It will be guided by an Administrative Staff Member of the PCS Early College High School.

    If you are interested in sharing your time, your skills, and your great ideas,
    please contact our school office at 252-493-7821
    and/or join the committee by 
    Clicking here to Join Our Remind

    Thank you for your howl!