• PCS Early College Student Ambassador Program:
    The PCS Early College Student Ambassador Program is composed of students who are committed to becoming official representatives of the Early College in both school and community.  The vision of this program is for selected students to serve as leaders who embody the three “C’s”; Commitment, Character, and Consistency.  Students chosen as ambassadors will be committed to continual engagements in acquiring leadership skills, they will demonstrate strong character in conduct, (i.e., what you do when no one is watching), and they will be consistent in their pursuit of academic excellence as demonstrated by their class performance.  Students who would be successful in this program are students who are friendly, open, accepting, outgoing, and willing to serve others.  In all, Ambassadors are representatives of the caring, compassionate leaders that we expect all students to be.

    Selected students must commit to serving at events that could take place at various times during the school year and during the school day.  They must be available for training during the summer as well as meetings that can occur after school with prior advance notice, of course.

    Applications are available in the spring semester.