Student Dress Code and Appearance Policy

              Student Dress Code and Appearance Policy Summary Effective August 1, 2022  PCS Dress Code Photo

    Dress Code
    We are promoting an environment that is conducive to learning and free of distractions while maintaining an appropriate level of self-expression.  With this being said, our dress code is as follows:  


    1. Clothing should be age appropriate, properly fitted, and suitable for learning. 


    1. Spirit wear, district/county programs/colleges/universities and community 

    organizations clothing items are permissible.

    1. Shirts/tops shall have sleeves or straps (two inches or wider) and cover the chest 

    and back from arm to arm with no exposed undergarments.

    1. Bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts) must be mid-thigh in length or at least fingertip 

    length and worn at the waist with no holes above mid-thigh.

    1. When the body is standing straight, clothing must cover the chest, back, torso, 

    stomach, and lower extremities from arm to arm to mid-thigh with no exposed 


    1. Shoes must be worn at all times and must conform to requirements for specific 


    1. Hoodies and hooded jackets may be worn in the building unless it presents a 

    safety concern. Failure to comply with any request to remove a hoodie or hooded 

    sweatshirt may result in the student not being permitted to wear the same to 




    1.   Attire, accessories and/or grooming depicting or advocating violence, criminal 

    activity, gang­ related activity, use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, pornography or 

    substance abuse are prohibited.

    1. Pajamas, bedroom shoes or slippers shall not be worn, except for school activities 

    approved by the principal.

    1. Lanyards must be worn and visible at all times.



    1. Religious or Medical Waivers

    Reasonable consideration will be made for students with certain religious beliefs or medical reasons. A waiver may be requested for a particular requirement for dress or appearance on an annual basis. In considering a waiver request, the principal or designee has the right to request additional documentation from medical officials and/or religious leaders.


    1. Special Activity Accommodations

    The principal shall make reasonable accommodations for students involved in special duties, activities, or projects approved by the school. Such special duties, activities, and projects include, but are not be limited to, athletics, P.E. classes, and other activities that require non-conforming dress on a school campus during the school day. Students who are taking classes that require a special dress code (such as JROTC or career and technical education internships) may wear that clothing to other classes.



    Before receiving disciplinary consequences, a student who is not in compliance with this policy will be given the opportunity within a reasonable period of time to change into acceptable clothing by using available clothes at school or by calling a parent to bring acceptable clothes. Disciplinary consequences for a student who fails to comply will be consistent with Section D of policy 4300, Student Behavior Policies.

    District Dress Code and Appearance