Our school offers students the opportunity to earn a Pitt County Schools high school diploma AS WELL AS an associates degree and certifications from Pitt Community College. We are located in a beautiful building directly on Pitt Community College campus. Students become Pitt Community College students from the moment they enroll in our school. Ninth grade students usually take two college courses during their freshman year, so students and parents need to understand that the expectation for college level performance is the norm! Students generally take the typical ninth and tenth grade core classes in English, Math, Science and Social Studies with PCS Early College teachers.

       Electives and other credits such as PE/Health, Art, and Foreign Language, and upper level high school requirements are met through courses at Pitt Community College. Students are expected to achieve an 80 or higher in all courses. Because students fast-track into college course work, students and families need to expect rigorous course work and understand that students will be enrolled in a college course their first semester of the program.

       How do we work with students and families to accomplish these goals? We are a small school. Each class (freshman, sophomore, etc) has a maximum of 75 students which allows our staff to get to know each student. We are committed to educating the whole child. Through our AVID program we help students learn to function effectively socially as well as intellectually. Communication between staff, families, and the students is key to our success.


    How and When to Apply...

    Students can only apply to attend the PC Early College High School when they are enrolled in 8th grade. Transfers from traditional high schools are not accepted.   Applications can be found by visiting your 8th grade school counselor's office.


    Applications are accepted only when students are in their 8th grade year, ready to begin high school the next school year. 

    Applications are then scored on a rubric.  There are only 75 available slots. Students will be notified by email through their guidance counselor if they are not accepted. Students who are accepted are notified in person by our principal.



    Note: Students in traditional high schools who are juniors and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to take courses at PCC through the Career and College Promise program. More information can be obtained through counselors at the student's high school or by calling PCC's office of High School Programs at 252-493-7411.

    How to Apply