• REC Time

    IECHS listened to our students and implemented REC Time in 2019-2020. Our students shared that they wanted to have options to choose from in the afternoon that was different, fun, and educational. We listened to our student's voices and developed REC Time.

    Revisit Enrich Choose Time is from 3:17-4:00 Monday-Thursday each week. Students are given the opportunity to pick from educational, enrichment, and club opportunities each week. These opportunities change each month in order to provide students with a well-rounded experience. Students are allowed to share new ideas with teachers for REC Time sessions. 

    REC Time Process

    1. Students sign up for an account with Acuity Scheduling through a direct link provided by the school.

    2. Students view the REC Time calendar each week and decide what sessions they want to enroll in for the following week.

    3. Students must sign up by 12:00 on Thursday for the following week. If students fail to sign up by 12:00 they will be placed into sessions by IECHS staff. 

    4. Log into Acuity Scheduling here or sign up by using the below REC Time Sign Up Form.


    CLICK HERE for the REC Time Sign-Up Form