• IECHS Clubs

    Purpose of Clubs at IECHS

    • Clubs exist to extend knowledge in a curricular area, to promote high moral standards, to improve the school/community, or to promote academic achievement.

    • All clubs should include activities of a service nature in the annual plans.

    • Clubs demonstrate to colleges/employers a student’s willingness to be involved.

    Process for Club Sign Ups

    1. Club Kickoff will be held in September of each school year.

    2. Students can revisit the Club Promotional Google Slides at any time to listen to the club choices/descriptions.

    3. Students will use the given link on the homeroom announcements page to complete the Club Sign Ups Form.

    4. Students can choose up to two activities to be a part of. Since the competitions span over many months, competitions (Science Olympiad, Battle of the Books, etc.) count as one of the choices for clubs. 

    5. If a student wants to participate in a third club, they must complete the Extra Club Application and email Ms. Putney requesting a meeting to discuss the additional club.

    Club Need to Knows

    1. The following clubs will not have a sign-up because they are invitation-only, have an application process,  or members must be elected.

      1. Health Science Academy

      2. National Honors Society

      3. National English Honor Society
      4. Student Government Association (SGA)

    2. Do not sign up for Mentor Club unless you applied at the end of last year; you will have an opportunity to sign up for this later in the year.

    3. Club Meeting Dates will appear in Rec Time Sign-up.

    4. Don’t forget to list your club memberships and roles on your Digital Portfolio in AVID!

    Available Clubs at IECHS

    Art Club  
    Black Student Alliance  
    Cultural Club
    Math Club  
    Health and Wellness  
    Sustainability Club/ Interact Club
    Women United  

    Non-Club Student Organizations at IECHS

    Battle of the Books  
    Beta Club
    Event Committee  
    IECHS PR Specialist   
    Mentor Club  
    National English Honors Society  
    Prom Committee  
    Quiz Bowl  
    Science Olympiad  
    Student Sunshine Committee