• Here's what some of our PCS Early College students have to say:


    Why did you choose to apply to ECHS? Do you plan on encouraging others to apply? If so, how? If not, why?

    I thought it would benefit me in the best ways, now and in the future, as well as come out of my shell a bit, and help me find out what I really wanted to do with my life. I definitely plan on encouraging others to apply. I think it's a decision I did regret in the beginning of freshman year just because I knew nobody coming into the program and I had to do everything alone and felt very uncomfortable. It'll be a great opportunity for anyone, I believe, as long as they put the time and effort into what they do!!!


    What legacy do you want to leave behind once you graduate?

    • That everything that happens throughout life is a choice. You CAN choose differently. Even if you make a bad decision, you can make a new choice and make it better than what it was. Everything can get better.


    • I want to leave a legacy by showing others that no matter what their backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses they have, they can succeed and follow their dreams. 


    • The legacy I want to leave is simple. I want future students to know me as the person who stood up for whatever she believed in regardless of who stood up with me. If I had to do it alone, I would and will do it alone because what's true is true and what's right is right.


    What are three lessons you have learned since your first day at ECHS? Explain.

    One of the first things I learned at ECHS was that I had to talk since I was the only one that came here from my middle shool. I didn't know anyomne so I was forced to talk.

    Then, I learned that I could not just breeze through this school. I will actually have to study.

    After that, I learned that this school is going to give us a good bit of freedome and let's us decide how we want to go about college.