• About IECHS

    Innovation Early College High School (IECHS) is a partnership between Pitt County Schools and ECU. The school is located on the campus of ECU and admits students who are first-generation college applicants at-risk of dropping out or seeking accelerated studies.  The four to five-year program of study is designed to graduate students with a high school diploma and up to 60 hours of transferable university credits.

    Innovation Early College High School (IECHS) is a school that focuses on empowering students to become the best version of themselves. We believe in educating our students in academics and how to leave this world a better place. Our instructional model encourages students to have empathy and compassion as they co-construct knowledge and collaborate to think about ways to solve issues that are important to them. We provide multiple opportunities for our students to build their agency through inquiry-based teaching and learning. At IECHS, student voice and choice matter, and both are used daily to ensure our school centers on providing a meaningful education that prepares every student for their chosen future. 

    IECHS will provide each student with an individualized, challenging, academic, and supportive environment that bridges the high school and university level beginning in ninth grade. The school's rigorous curriculum will develop individual talent and prepare students for a successful transition to an institution of higher education, with a focus on Strategies That Engage All Minds. 

    IECHS began with its first class of fifty-five freshmen in August 2018 and will enroll fifty-five new freshmen every school year. The first group of students was very instrumental in assisting IECHS staff with developing the school's mission statement, motto, mascot, and logo. We will continue to allow our students to have a voice and choice as we develop IECHS.

  • Testimonial from one of our students

    “My experience here has been great. I have learned not only the basics we need for college, but also life skills as they apply to the real world. I have learned more about social and emotional health here than I have during therapy sessions. The people at this school are the biggest group of helpful non-judgemental people I have ever witnessed. It's relaxing here compared to how a regular high school would be. In my freshman year, when I used to get dropped off at JHRose in the mornings before school, I would have so much anxiety there, but here it would fade away.

    AVID has helped me with more than just organization. It has helped me get experience with jobs and job fairs, being more social, know how to fill out applications and how to present myself to jobs and schools, and it helped me figure out my career path.

    The skills I have learned here go beyond the knowledge of math or reading. I have learned the best way to react to an event: being proactive instead of reactive, an understanding of emotional and social balance, a healthy mind, and a healthy life. This school has helped me break through the barriers of getting out there in the world and being a person I never even knew I could be. I have learned to be able to disagree without arguing. That's a big one. And, I have learned that just because you view things differently than the next person doesn't mean you or them are wrong or that you shouldn't like each other. It just means we disagree and that's okay.”


  • Get to know IECHS

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