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Fifteen Ink During Tradesformers "Signing Day"

Fifteen Ink During Tradesformers "Signing Day" Event

Tradesformer Signing Day

GREENVILLE, N.C. --  Tradesformers, a youth apprenticeship program designed to connect talented students with growing industry trades in our area, conducted its annual "Signing Day" event Tuesday at Pitt County Community Schools. 

Fifteen (15) new pre-apprentices were welcomed into the program, which provides students an opportunity for fundamental training, skills and expertise that helps the future workforce be well-equipped to grow a successful career.

An industry-led initiative, participants will work closely with the Pitt County Schools and other local partners to address skill needs and gaps. Apprentices gain on-the-job training and related classroom instruction, while earning a base pay rate and learning valuable skills to advance in their field. In addition, they have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials and certifications and/or college degrees.

Along with PCS, other partners include Advance Mechanical, CL Warters, Greenville Utilities Commission, Jack A. Farrior, Inc., Manning Masonry, Piedmont Service Group and Pitt Electric.

Beth Ann Trueblood, PCS Career & Technical Education Director offered opening comments before PCS Work Based Learning Coordinator Simone Pate delivered her final keynote address prior to her upcoming retirement. Caleb Stepps, who was a participant in the first Tradesformers Class and has since earned Journeyman certification, also provided some encouraging words to all pre-apprentices.

The following individuals, all projected as 2023 graduates of PCS high schools, signed commitments during the event:

Chase Rouse (NPHS) - Advance Mechanical
Austin Batchelor (DHCHS) - Advance Mechanical
Josh Weidner (DHCHS) - Jack A. Farrior, Inc.
Ty'Hai Langley (JHRHS) - Greenville Utilities
Cooper Smith (DHCHS) - Manning Masonry, Inc.
Jackson Sutton (DHCHS) - Manning Masonry, Inc.
Kyson Thomas (SCHS) - Piedmont Service Group
Daniel Gonzalez (DHCHS) - Pitt County Schools
Gonzalo Salazar (AGHS) - Pitt County Schools
Sarah Monterossa (JHRHS) - Pitt County Schools
Joel Wamer (DHCHS) - Pitt County Schools
Jonathan Romero (AGHS) - Pitt County Schools
Isaiah Lopez (JHRHS) - Pitt Electric
Michael Staton (SCHS) - Pitt Electric
Ian Shoobridge (JHRHS) - CL Warters. LLC

Link to Photo Gallery of the event.

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