• Essential Meal Service - Pitt County Schools

    Our Essential Meal Service is continuously restructuring to serve meals to the children of Pitt County Schools more efficiently during the school year. Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. For more information on School Nutrition at PCS, CLICK HERE


    As of November 9, 2020- Curbside Pickup Sites Updated and Kids 1-18 Can Receive Meals

    School Nutrition curbside pickup sites are changing, beginning November 9, 2020. Also, we can now provide meals again for all children, ages 1-18, in Pitt County with the use of calendar cards and proper identification. See information below:

    curbside schedule

    Click here for a downloadable version of this schedule. 

    free breakfast and lunch ages 1-18

    Click here for a downloadable version of this file. 


    Updated September 28, 2020: BUS DELIVERIES and Curbside Meal Pickup Preorder Now Required

    Preordering for ALL meals (bus delivery and curbside) is now required.  Surveys will be open each Monday through Wednesday for the following week's meals. Please sign up by Wednesday at 3pm to be sure to receive meals the next week. You must preorder! 

    Click on the appropriate link below to order meals. Please have your PowerSchool student ID number ready to choose meals. 

    BUS DELIVERY and CURBSIDE PICKUP Pre-Order Link: Last Name A-L   

    BUS DELIVERY and CURBSIDE PICKUP Pre-Order Link: Last Name M-Z  

    (order by 3pm every Wednesday for the next week)


    Pandemic-Electronic Balance Transfer (P-EBT) Eligibility New for FALL of 2020

    We have been notified by NCDHHS of a brief extension of P-EBT benefits. The P-EBT program helps families who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic called Pandemic-Electronic Benefits Transfer. Under the new federal guidelines, many families that received P-EBT benefits in the spring may not be eligible to receive benefits this fall. Under the US Department of Agriculture’s new guidance and the September 30 deadline, DHHS provided P-EBT benefits to as many children as possible, with the wish they could have helped every family in need.  More than 600,000 students will qualify for the fall P-EBT program compared to the more than 900,000 who qualified in the spring.

    There are several criteria for students to receive these benefits this fall. those criteria appear below. 

    • If students received P-EBT benefits last year (2019-2020); or
    • Students have been directly certified for free meal benefits for the current school year (2020-2021); or
    • Students attend a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) School for the current year (2020-2021)


    If you have questions, Please call NCDHHS at: 1-866-719-0141


    Click here for the list of P-EBT eligible school systems.

    Click here for a P-EBT FAQ.

    Click here for a visual guide to P-EBT benefits.

    Click here for more information from NCDHHS.


    USDA Extends Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL STUDENTS through December 31, 2020

    As of Monday, August 31,2020, the Summer Food Service Program (free meals for all students) has been extended by the USDA!
    To pay for EXTRA, a la carte items, we have an online payment option for your convenience. Click here for online payment.


    Daily Curbside Meal Service Has Begun

    Free to all Enrolled PCS students through December of 2020. Visit one of 16 sites (Click on the link to the left to find out times, locations and dates). Update: Starting the week of October 5th, meals will again have to be preordered, according to new USDA regulations. Keep checking back here for meal pre-ordering links- coming soon! 



     Sign up by Wednesdays at 3pm for the following week.

    Bus delivery is BACK! As we have navigated the beginning of school and adjusted to learners at home and face-to-face, we now have the capacity to begin delivery of meals by bus along with curbside meals. Both curbside meal pickup and bus meal delivery will be offered daily. Student will be given the current day's lunch and the next day's breakfast. Please see the WEEKLY bus delivery ordering survey posted below. Please sign up by Wednesday at 3pm for the following week's school meals. Click on the link to the left for ordering links.


    Important notes for students that have special dietary needs:

    • Starting with the 2020-21 school year, a Medical Statement for Students with Unique Mealtime Needs for School Meals form will be required for all students that need an accommodation due to a medical condition.

    • Any student with a valid Medical Statement for Students with Unique Mealtime Needs for School Meals (also referred to as a diet order) on file with School Nutrition Services will not be provided the Friday Meals To Go when at school for the next week of Virtual Learning.

    • To ensure that you are provided meals that are safe for your student(s), we will be offering daily pick-up at nine sites (Ayden Elementary, Belvoir Elementary, Farmville Middle, Hope Middle, Sadie Saulter, South Central High, Wahl Coates Elementary, Wellcome Middle, and Wintergreen Primary) across the district starting Monday, August 31. You must complete the designated pre-order form for students with diet orders(UMN), which is on the School Nutrition's 'Special Dietary Needs' page.

    • For more information on Special Dietary Needs, including forms and allergen information, please click here.


    Still Have questions about School Nutrition Services? Click HERE to access our FAQs