• About Transportation

    975 Woodridge Park Rd.
    Greenville, NC 27834

    The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide safe, efficient student transportation to and from school. The Pitt County Schools Transportation Department ranks 12th in North Carolina in the number of students transported to and from school each day. Daily, during the regular school term, approximately 218 school buses run each day transporting 12,000 students. Currently 40% of the school bus fleet will provide runs for two schools increasing efficiency.

    Forty buses serve runs for special programs which include Exceptional Children, PreK Programs, Eastern NC School for the Deaf, North East Region School of Biotechnology and Agriscience, Early College at PCC, and ECU Lab School. Bus drivers are provided a wireless phone and all buses have GPS installed. The Exceptional Children buses have an adult monitor on board to assist in loading and unloading wheelchair bound students and others. In addition to those buses some contract transportation is provided for handicapped students as needed.

    School buses are run outside of the regular 180 day school term for summer school and specially funded programs that meet the criteria for the use of school buses. Activity buses are also maintained for extra-curricular activities.

    Bus routing is completed utilizing a computer database with a geocode based road network. The Transportation Information Management Systems (TIMS), which is utilized by school districts across North Carolina, is coordinated through Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University.






Last Modified on May 11, 2023