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    Developing a Creative and Innovative Workforce

    Engaging the whole brain, educating the whole child; Arts Education is the spark which ignites a student’s curiosity and imagination, fostering meaningful connections to other subjects. By studying the Arts, students discover purpose, ownership and joy in learning. When you create it, you own it! 

    The Importance of Arts Education   

    Art Performance

    Arts Education includes the study of Musical Arts, Theatre Arts, Dance Arts and Visual Arts. Why are the Arts so important? In a global economy which is driven by ideas and innovation, Arts Education is essential for practicing and acquiring creative and innovative thinking. The highly sought skills needed in the 21stcentury labor force require workers who can think independently and work in teams. Regardless of what career path a student will follow, those who can imagine, innovate, understand the ‘Big Ideas’ and the interconnectedness of concepts and cultures, will have the competitive edge in the workforce.

    Along with healthy competition, the Arts also build a strong work ethic, self confidence and help students develop interpersonal and cooperative skills. Also, through the creative process of individual and ensemble work, students develop personal ownership for their learning and personal responsibility to the group. Arts Education Curriculums provide students the creative environment and practice time to develop non-routine, adaptive, and new ways of thinking. Arts Ed students are challenged to identify problems and find solutions to problems through careful observation, listening, learning through mistakes, accepting mistakes with critique, hence making changes with new ideas and insight. In order to remain flexible and competitive in our fast paced, global economy, the Arts Education Programs teach students HOW to think not WHAT to think.

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