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United Way, PCS & PFP Partnership Nets $400K Grant

United Way, PCS & PFP Partnership Nets $400K Grant 



Pitt County Schools (PCS), United Way of Pitt County (UWPC) and Partnership for Progress (PFP) received approval from the North Carolina Board of Education for $400,000 in funding for the joint 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) afterschool grant. 

This 21st CCLC grant expands first and second grade afterschool services to six additional schools in the district. 

The latest fund award, along with three continuing grants listed below, will enable PCS students to receive UWPC Early Grades Student Success Academy (EGSSA) services totaling over $1.58 million next year to elevate extended learning and integrated in-school support:

EGSSA Afterschool Programs:
21st CCLC- Cohort 14 @5 schools - $400,000
21st CCLC - Cohort 15 @4 schools - $281,000
21st CCLC - Cohort 16 @6 schools - $400,000
*EGSSA Extended Learning Integrated Student Support (ELISS) - $500,000
*Targets 3rd grade students during in-class hours at 12 schools to reduce class size with small group instruction in reading and math.

"For 16 years, United Way of Pitt County has been a consistent and valued community partner of Pitt County Schools," PCS Director of Outreach and Public Relations Beth Ulffers said. "The academic support and STEAM framework provides each child with unique and engaging experiences, while meeting the various learning styles of our students. Our site coordinators, teachers and teacher assistants are key elements to the success of this program.

"The extensive data collection ensures the program is implemented with fidelity and captures student growth throughout the year."

The joint grant proposal was collaboratively written by Robin Dailey (UWPC Program Coordinator), Angie Egerton (UWPC EGSSA Director) and Ulffers (PCS/PFP). The district goal is to offer afterschool programs in all K-5/K-8 schools for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

"By investing in early childhood education, we will help our young children increase reading and math proficiency as well as build social, emotional and character education skills," Dailey said. "Additionally, we will provide science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM) enrichment opportunities for student exploration and parent engagement events for families." 

Students will be identified and selected for program participation in September based on benchmark assessments and other scholastic criteria.


PCS Parents

"He can read! He reads to me almost every day!"
"Both my children are much better readers and writers, and have gotten better with math as well."
"He’s more confident in reading and also in making connections with other children."
"I hope she can attend next school year!!"
"My child has autism and has never found a place to fit in for afterschool. He has been so happy and has thrived. I can’t wait until next year."
PCS Principals
"I cannot say enough great things about the EGSSA after-school program. The opportunity presented to 25 deserving students provided structure, enrichment, and support to help every one of these students grow at high levels. Additionally, we were able to increase overall academic performance for students not involved in the program because we were able to meet the participant's needs after school hours. This allowed us to focus on students that maybe did not qualify or were unable to stay after school for additional support during school hours with targeted remediation and intervention support. The students loved the hands-on STEAM activities that activated various learning styles. Students had fun and learned along the way."
Ashley Wheeler
G. R. Whitfield (K-8)

 "The afterschool program was a huge success at Stokes. It provided an opportunity for teachers to work with students and build relationships outside of their traditional classroom setting. Students gained new skills and had guided practice to enhance their daily instruction. This led to great growth for our participating students. At the beginning of the year, 83% of 1st-grade students were below or well below benchmark based on mCLASS assessments and only 17% were at or above. At the end of the year, the students at or above benchmark were 68%. Parents were also engaged in the program and participated in a literacy night to gain skills to assist their students at home. We look forward to continuing the program at Stokes."
Sarah Ambrose
Stokes (K-8)
"United Way and Partnership for Progress have been a blessing to Belvoir this year through the afterschool program and ELISS program. I can't thank you enough!"
Deidre Ingram
Belvoir Elementary

"The afterschool program is an asset to Creekside. It provides a safe environment for students to receive academic support and enrichment. Students are able to collaborate with other students, not in their classrooms, which promotes relationship building. Students received support in core content standards that needed to be strengthened. The students participated in hands-on activities focused on STEAM that was fun and engaging that they may not have experienced during the regular school day. As a result of the program, our students demonstrated tremendous growth in reading and math." 
Yolanda Williams
Creekside Elementary
"The addition of our after-school program has been tremendously beneficial for our students. Our afterschool class sizes are small, which has led to more individualized instruction that has produced positive student outcomes. Students thrived during after-school and greatly enjoyed the program."
Leslie Knight Hayes
Ridgewood Elementary

"EGSSA allowed the students to continue the learning process while having fun. Many of my students’ learning gaps were able to be targeted and closed because of this afterschool program." 
Anthony Perkins
Falkland Elementary

PCS Teachers/Teacher Assistants/Site Coordinators
"I think that having the freedom to incorporate STEAM, character education, reading, math, writing, snack, and recess allowed the students to enjoy after school. They were engaged and loved to come to afterschool. It wasn't a chore for them. They grew and they didn't even know they were doing it. It was effective that we ran it in a way where the students were engaged and having fun through their learning."
Kendyl Majette
Belvoir Elementary

"When a child cries because they know they have learned to be academically, socially and creatively successful, the program responsible for that is PRICELESS! United Way, Partnership for Progress and all of the people involved in maintaining this program for these children are PRICELESS!"
Nyoki Whaley
Grifton (K-8)

"The most effective part of afterschool was the resources we had available. Anytime a teacher needed something it was provided immediately. There was no lack of resources or communication. It was extremely effective to have materials for students to use and utilize during the program."
Austin Reese
Wahl-Coates Elementary