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Greenville-Pitt Chamber of Commerce

Pitt-Greenville Chamber of Commerce


2021-22 kicked off with our amazing partner, the Pitt-Greenville Chamber of Commerce hosting a back-to-school welcome opportunity to our school and office staff members. The Chamber organized sponsors, made banners, and provided snacks and inspirational messages for our staff members at 38 different school and office sites. 

PGCOC has been a steady partner over the years and in 2018 began a huge effort called Grow Local where thousands of students are matched with hundreds of businesses, organizations throughout Greenville and Pitt County. Students and staff members are exposed to trades, arts, skills and career opportunities through hands-on visits, speakers through Zoom, or collaborative information sessions. 

For more information about the Chamber or Grow Local, click on the following links:


Greenville-Pitt Chamber of Commerce  

Grow Local