• K-12 Arts Education Programs

    Follow the links to learn more about each art program in Pitt County Schools. Some links are still under construction.

    Dance Arts Programs (High School)Conley Dance

    Ayden-Grifton High School

    D.H. Conley High School

    Farmville Central High School

    J.H. Rose High School

    North Pitt High School

    South Central High School


    Dance Arts Programs (Elementary/Middle School)

    A.G. Cox Middle School

    Farmville Middle School 

    Wellcome Middle School 


    Musical Arts Programs (High School)

    Ayden-Grifton High School Band

    Ayden-Grifton High School Orchestra

    D.H. Conley High School Band

    D.H. Conley High School Chorus

    D.H. Conley High School Orchestra

    Farmville Central High School Band

    Farmville Central High School Chorus

    Farmville Central High School Orchestra 

    J.H. Rose High School BandE.B. Aycock Band

    J.H. Rose High School Chorus

    J.H. Rose High School Orchestra

    North Pitt High School Band

    North Pitt High School Chorus 

    South Central High School


    Musical Arts Programs (Middle School)

    E.B. Aycock Middle Band

    E.B. Aycock Middle Chorus

    Hope Middle Band 

    Hope Middle Chorus 

    Hope Middle Orchestra 

    A.G. Cox Middle Band

    A.G. Cox Middle Chorus

    A.G. Cox Middle Orchestra  

    Ayden Middle Band

    Ayden Middle Chorus

    Ayden Middle Orchestra 

    Farmville Middle Band

    Farmville Middle Chorus

    Farmville Middle Orchestra 

    Chicod Band

    Chicod Chorus

    Chicod Orchestra 

    C.M. Eppes Band

    C.M. Eppes ChorusAll-State Chorus

    C.M. Eppes Orchestra 

    Grifton Band

    Grifton Chorus

    Grifton Orchestra 

    Bethel Band

    Bethel Chorus

    Bethel Orchestra 

    G.R. Whitfield Band

    G.R. Whitfield Chorus

    G.R. Whitfield Orchestra 

    Pactolus Band

    Pactolus Chorus

    Pactolus Orchestra 

    Stokes Band

    Stokes Chorus

    Stokes Orchestra 

    Wellcome Band

    Wellcome Chorus

    Wellcome Orchestra 


    Musical Arts Programs (Elementary School) 

    Ayden Elementary Music

    Ayden Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Belvoir Elementary Music

    Belvoir Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Bethel School K-5 Music

    Bethel School Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Chicod School K-5 Music

    Chicod School Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Creekside Elementary Music

    Creekside Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Eastern Elementary Music

    Eastern Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra 

    Elmhurst Elementary Music

    Elmhurst Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Falkland Elementary Music

    Falkland Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    G.R. Whitfield K-5 Music

    G.R. Whitfield Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Grifton School K-5 Music

    Grifton School Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    H.B. Sugg and Bundy Elementary Music

    Lakeforest Elementary Music 

    Lakeforest Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Northwest Elementary Music

    Northwest Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Pactolus School K-5 Music 

    Pactolus School Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Ridgewood Elementary Music

    Ridgewood Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    South Greenville Elementary Music

    South Greenville Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Stokes School K-5 Music

    Stokes School Gr 4/5 Orchestra 

    W.H. Robinson Elementary Music 

    W.H. Robinson Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra

    Wahl-Coates Elementary Music

    Wahl-Coates Elementary Gr 4/5 Orchestra 

    Wintergreen Intermediate Music

    Wintergreen Intermediate Gr 4/5 Orchestra 

    Wintergreen Primary Music


    Theatre Arts Programs (High Schools)Hope Drama

    Ayden-Grifton Drama 

    D.H. Conley Performing Arts

    Farmville Central Drama

    J.H. Rose Theatre Arts

    North Pitt Theatre Arts

    South Central Theatre Arts


    Theatre Arts Programs (Middle Schools)

    Hope Middle Creative Dramatics


    Visual Arts Programs (High Schools)

    Ayden-Grifton Visual Arts 

    D.H. Conley Visual Arts 

    Farmville Central Visual Arts

    J.H. Rose Visual Arts

    North Pitt Visual Arts

    South Central Visual Arts 


    Visual Arts Programs (Middle Schools)Aycock Arts

    Ayden Middle Visual Arts

    Bethel Visual Arts

    Chicod School Visual Arts

    C.M. Eppes Visual Arts

    E.B. Aycock Visual Arts 

    Elmhurst Visual Arts 

    Farmville Middle Visual Arts

    G.R. Whitfield Visual Arts

    Grifton Visual Arts

    Hope Middle Visual Arts

    Pactolus Visual Arts

    Stokes Visual Arts

    Wellcome Middle Visual Arts 


    Visual Arts Programs (Elementary School) 

    Ayden Elementary Visual Arts

    Belvoir Elementary Visual Arts

    Bethel School K-5 Visual Arts

    Chicod School K-5 Visual Arts

    Creekside Elementary Visual Arts

    Eastern Elementary Visual Arts

    Elmhurst Elementary Visual Arts

    Falkland Elementary Visual Arts

    G.R. Whitfield K-5 Visual Arts

    Grifton School K-5 Visual Arts

    H.B. Sugg Elementary Visual Arts

    Lakeforest Elementary Visual Arts

    Northwest Elementary Visual Arts

    Pactolus School K-5 Visual Arts

    Ridgewood Elementary Visual Arts

    Sam D. Bundy Elementary Visual Arts

    South Greenville Elementary Visual Arts

    Stokes School K-5 Visual Arts

    W.H. Robinson Elementary Visual Arts

    Wahl-Coates Elementary Visual Arts

    Wintergreen Intermediate Visual Arts

    Wintergreen Primary Visual Arts

Last Modified on July 29, 2021