• Knowledge Is Power

     Knowledge is Power

    Identify significant aspects of the ESEA legislation, North Carolina’s ABCs of Public Education and acronyms used in education.

    Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours 

     Making Children Mind without Losing Yours (video series)

    This series will help parents understand reality discipline and apply it to everyday situations. Parents will learn how to strengthen their relationship with their child while at the same time teaching the child discipline.


    ·         Dare To Be Courageous

    ·         Why Kids Misbehave

    ·         Be the Best That You Can Be

    ·         Building Relationships with Adolescents

    ·         The ABCs of Self-Esteem

    ·         When to Let the Little Buzzards Tumble

      Parent-Teacher Meeting: As easy as A-B-C

    Some of the essential building blocks for home to school communication will be discussed. Meetings are successful when parents and teachers have two-way conversations about how to help children succeed.

     Self Esteem and Student Achievement

     Self-Esteem and Student Achievement

    Discover how self-esteem is developed. Identify specific ways parents can build their child’s self-esteem.

    Summer Learning


     Sizzling Summer Ideas

    Ways to keep children from losing months of learning over the summer break are explored.


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