• Promotional Flyer Distribution in Pitt County Schools

    Our district cooperates with approved community partners for distribution of promotional flyers to students, parents and/or staff. Here are the steps to follow:

    I.  Scope of Procedures

    These procedures govern requests by outside organizations and individuals to advertise or promote their commercial activities to Pitt County Schools’ families and staff. It applies to all advertising or promotional materials from any source, including business, commercial, nonprofit, political, religious and individual sources.

    II. Prohibited Advertisement and Promotions

    Pitt County Schools will not accept advertising or promotional materials for: products or services that are deemed to be lewd, vulgar, indecent, or profane products or services that are deemed to be inaccurate, misleading, or false products or services that are unlawful products or services that are prohibited for minors (such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products)

    III. Distribution of Materials to Families

    1. Pitt County Schools limits advertisement and promotional materials from outside organizations to electronic distribution through a partnership with the service provider, Peachjar. The district cooperates with community partners by posting eflyers online and distributing them electronically.

    2. Distribution of approved educational materials from non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and educational partnership agencies is permitted. The Public Information Office must approve the material. To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. Once approved, the materials will be emailed to all parents and posted online. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.


    •  Visit PeachJar by clicking here: www.peachjar.com.  Go to "Program Providers" and click on "Reach Parents." 
    •  Register as an Enrichment/Community Organization (account type).
    •  Upload the flyer for approval.
    •  Peachjar offers a Community Free program to community orgainizations promoting free events.  Organizations are allowed one posting every 30 days for up   to 25 schools per organization.  To meet web-based ADA requirements, documents are limited to four pages.  Exceptions are only granted by Peachjar.  (For   more information, please see the following link: Community Free Flyer Policy )

    3. Businesses may offer their services to students by participating in the Student Academic Success Program. This is the ONLY form of advertising that businesses are permitted to do for students of Pitt County Schools. Posters, flyers, tickets and brochures will not be accepted.

    IV. Distribution of Materials to Staff

    Businesses may ONLY offer their services to the staff of Pitt County Schools by participating in the Employee Incentive Discount Program. Participation forms will be sent to businesses that request them. A listing of participating businesses will be kept on the Pitt County Schools website under "Staff Resources - Employee Discount Listing" The list will be updated as new businesses are added or deleted. Posters, flyers, tickets, and brochures will not be accepted.

    V. Restrictions on Religious Materials

    Under the U.S. Constitution, public schools have a unique responsibility concerning their relationship with religious groups. Individuals are guaranteed the free exercise of religion. But tax-supported governmental entities, including the public schools, can neither promote nor discriminate against religion, non-religion, or any particular faith group. This safeguards the individual liberty of all, including those of minority faiths. Therefore, religious groups whose advertising or promotional materials fit the guidelines under Section IV above shall be approved for distribution if the materials are informational in nature concerning the product or service offered, and if they do not promote the religious mission of the sponsoring group.

    For more information, call the Office of Public Information at (252) 830-4219. 

Last Modified on July 29, 2021