• Employee Transfer Process

    The transfer period is closed.

    The Transfer List Process:

    The process for submitting your name for consideration as a transfer will be open in the Spring of 2022.

    • Employees (both certified and classified staff) may fill out a provided Google Form and their names will be added to a list that will be shared with principals, directors and hiring managers.
    • Principals, directors and managers with openings for next school year may choose to interview and offer positions to employees who have expressed an interest in a transfer.
    • The transfer request form is a Google document. You must be signed in to your Pitt County Schools email account to fill out the transfer request, and you may only submit ONE request. Please click the link to access the Google Form.

     Please note:  

    • BTs - Per board policy and teacher support plan, the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources will ensure, to the extent that it can be controlled, that a beginning teacher will not be transferred or be allowed to transfer from assignment/school during the three-year induction process. However, BT-3s may be considered for transfer under advisement of the principal and the agreement of the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. 
    • Performance Plans - If you are on any type of performance improvement plan (action plan), your name will be removed from the transfer list and you will be notified.  If there are no job performance concerns, your name will be placed on the transfer list. Having your name on the list does not guarantee a transfer.
    • If you are requesting a transfer from a classroom or media position to a non-classroom position, please check with your payroll administrator and/or the state benefits manual regarding leave (e.g. extended sick leave and personal leave).
    • The names of any employees who are on any type of action plan will be removed for consideration of a transfer.
    • There will be a  deadline for employees to add their name to the Pitt County Schools transfer list.  Any transfer requests received after the deadline will not be considered to be added to the list.
    • There will be a deadline for the last day to hire an employee from the transfer list unless both principals/hiring managers are in agreement and the Assistant Superintendent of HR approves the transfer.


    If you have any questions or issues concerning classified or certified staff please contact the Director of Personnel, Mr. Glen Buck by email at buckg@pitt.k12.nc.us.  Mr. Buck will inform the Assistant Superintendent of HR, Dr. Rhone, of all certified staff questions or concerns.