2019 Competitions

  • For Middle School Battle of the Books, twelve schools battled in the morning and six schools advanced to the Super Six finals in the afternoon. The six teams to advance from the morning rounds to the afternoon playoff rounds were AG Cox, Ayden, CM Eppes, EB Aycock, Hope, and Pactolus. Congratulations to Hope Middle School, who came out in first place! CM Eppes came in second and AG Cox was third. Hope Middle went on to win the Region 1 competition and will compete in the state competition on May 10th.

    Elementary BOB offered a tight showdown between the top six teams who battled it out on a Saturday after the district wide competition on Feb. 28th.  The final six schools were Ayden, Creekside, G. R. Whitfield, Pactolus, Ridgewood, and Wintergreen.  Creekside came out with the win, with Ridgewood coming in second and Wintergreen in third place. Creekside was also the winner at the Region 1 Elementary Battle of the Books on April 5th.

    High School Battle of the Books was another very competitive event!  The last round was played by JH Rose and DH Conley who were separated by only one point at the time.  They came out with even scores for that round and JH Rose ended up the winner by one point.  South Central came in third just two points behind second place Conley.  

2018 Competitions

  • And the winner is... E B Aycock Middle School won the 2018 middle school battle. AG Cox placed second and Hope came in third place. EB Aycock went on to compete on March 23rd in Beaufort County at the regional competition.  

    The district held its first official High School Battle of the Books competition on March 9th with Ayden-Grifton, DH Conley, Farmville Central, and JH Rose participating. DH Conley was declared the winner.

    On March 22nd, 20 elementary schools participated in our district's 10th annual Elementary Battle of the Books. It was a close competition with Wintergreen Intermediate coming out in first place, Creekside in second place, and Ridgewood in third. Wintergreen competed at the Region 1 competition on April 16th in Dare County and came in second place.

2017 Competitions

  • Make it a three-peat! Hope Middle School is our district Middle School Battle of the Books winner for 2017. We look forward to cheering them on at the regional competition on April 7th. EB Aycock Middle School placed 2nd and Ayden Middle School placed 3rd.  For Elementary Battle of the Books this year's winner is Elmhurst Elementary.

2016 Competitions

  • For the second year in a row, Hope Middle School has won PCS Middle School Battle of the Books. They also won the Region 1 competition, and represented the region at the state competition in May. Farmville Middle and Ayden Middle repeated their second and third place finishes at the district level. To read more, click here. To view additional pictures, go here.

    For the elementary competition, Ridgewood Elementary School took home top honors in the district this year. They also went on to win the Region 1 competition. Second and third place at the district competition went to Creekside and Eastern. You can view additional pictures here.

2015 Competitions

  • Middle School

    And the 2015 winner is ... Hope Middle School!  Coming in close behind was Farmville Middle in second place and Ayden Middle School in third place.  Hope went on to the Region 1 competition and earned second place.  

    Elementary School

    Wintergreen Intermediate was once again crowned the 2015 Pitt County Schools Elementary Battle of the Books champion, outscoring second place Ridgewood Elementary and Creekside Elementary, which finished third. 

2014 BOB Competitions

  • Middle School

    Farmville Middle School is our 2014 Battle Champ!  Hope Middle School and E.B. Aycock Middle School round out the the top three, coming in at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.  Farmville Middle went on to the Region 1 competition on March 27, 2014 and came in third place. 

    Elementary SchoolAfter three days of intense competition--10 schools on one day, another 10 schools the next, and a Final Four Face-off--Wintergreen Intermediate is our 2014 winner!  The top four was rounded out by Creekside in second, Ridgewood in third, and Elmhurst in fourth. Wintergreen went on to win first place at the Region 1 competition on April 10th. Way to go, Gators! 

2013 Competitions

  • Elementary

    Day One ended with Elmhurst on top, Ridgewood in second place, and Ayden in third.  Elmhurst and Ridgewood advanced to the Final Four.  On Day Two Creekside garnered the most points, Wintergreen came in second, and WH Robinson was third.  Creekside and Wintergreen proceeded to the Final Four.  At the run-off, Ridgewood came on strong and won top honors.  Next were Elmhurst, Creekside, then Wintergreen! All of these teams should be proud of their accomplishments. 

    Middle School 

    This year Bethel School came out on top with 218 points, the highest amount in recent years!  Hope Middle School and Farmville Middle School made strong showings, coming in at 2nd and 3rd place respectively. 

Past BOBs

  • 2012 Competitions

    It was an exciting three days of Elementary Battle of the Books.  Twenty schools competed over two days with Ridgewood coming out on top on Day 1 and Wintergreen in the lead on Day 2. On Day 3 a Skype a closely contested run-off was held and Wintergreen was declared the overall winner.
    Middle school teams in Pitt County battled out their book knowledge on Feb. 23.  G. R. Whitfield won for the third year in a row, with Farmville Middle School coming in second and Hope Middle School in third place.  GR Whitfield went on to win the Region 1 Competition as well.
    GRW Region1 WG Team
    2011 Competitions
    Midde School Battle of the Books Results:
    1st Place: G. R. Whitlfield School
    2nd Place: Bethel School
    3rd. Place: C. M. Eppes Middle School
    G.R. Whitfield's team won the PCS district Battle of the Books and went on to win the Region 1 Competition on March 23.
    On March 31, PCS held its third annual elementary Battle of the Books.  W.H. Robinson came out on top, with Wintergreen in second place, and Ridgewood in third.  
    WHR Team  GRW Team
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  • For a list of all past Battle of the Books winners of Pitt County Schools' Battle of the Books, click here.

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