• History of Pitt County Schools

    The Pitt County Board of Education recognizes the value in preserving and promoting the history of our schools, our community, and our educational leaders who helped to establish and grow Pitt County's educational system.

    If you scroll down a bit, you'll find biographies of those who contributed to the growth of public education in Pitt County and Greenville: A.G. Cox, H.B. Sugg, J.H. Rose, C.M. Eppes,  D.H. Conley, and more......

    CLICK on the images below and read the biographies of educational and community leaders. 

  • THIS WEBSITE IS A WORK in PROGRESS, so please check back frequently!  Send comments and suggestions to the Pitt County Schools Historian, Steve Hill, at hills@pitt.k12.nc.us

    Community members who wish to advance our understanding of Pitt County Schools' history can do so in a number of ways: oral interviews, contributing old yearbooks from before 1970, donating any documents and photographs, or any items related to Pitt County Schools History.  Please email Mr. Hill for details at hills@pitt.k12.nc.us