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    Smiles from the Superintendent
    The Superintendent's Office wishes to recognize Pitt County Schools employees who go above and beyond to make a positive difference in the school setting. It is our goal to say thank you with a smile and let employees know they are appreciated. Staff members are surprised with a visit from the superintendent's office, and they receive a "Smiles from the Superintendent's Office" certificate. We are incredibly proud of our employees who work hard, ultimately for the benefit of the students we serve. Follow us on Twitter using #smilesfromthesuper. Click here to see photos of this year's recipients. 
    2018-19 Smiles List 
    Shannon Andrews- Wellcome Middle School
    Amanda Bailey- Bethel School
    Denise Mewborn- HB Sugg Primary School
    Wendy Cooke- Farmville Middle School
    Eileen Best- Hope Middle School
    Erin Dancer- Hope Middle School
    Kristin Jeffries - Chicod Elementary
    Susan Drake- AG Cox Middle School
    Charlene Hill -WH Robinson Elementary
    Terri Avin- Pactolus School
    Jimmy Bowen-Creekside Elementary
    Caroline Bissette-Eppes Middle School
    Amity Kea-JH Rose High School
    Kim Fain- North Pitt High School
    Leslie Buck- North Pitt High School
    Andra Jones- Sam D. Bundy Elementary School
    Darrell Bynum- HB Sugg and Sam D. Bundy Schools
    Michael Foskey- Sadie Saulter
    Renee Boltinhouse- Ridgewood Elementary School
    Jessica Caraway- Belvoir Elementary School
    Alyssa Hardee- Elmhurst Elementary School
    Lauren Brittenham- Innovation Early College High School
    Gwendolyn Barnes- Northwest Elementary School
    Jennifer Bueck- Wahl-Coates Elementary School
    Amber Stanley- Pactolus School
    Barbara Brodie- Pactolus School
    Khristina Lee- South Central High
    Mary Spellman- South Central High
    Sarah Capehart- Creekside Elementary
    Jessica Givens- Ridgewood Elementary
    Jessica Pacuillo- Ridgewood Elementary
    Rob Harrington- Stokes School
    Henry Acklin- Pactolus School
    Lisa Veale- PCS Payroll
    Marilyn Harris- PCS Payroll
    Becky Breeden- PCS Payroll
    Sonny Barr- PCS Payroll
    Ruth Kaminski- PCS Payroll
    Penny Strickland- PCS Payroll
    Jessica Harrison- DH Conley
    Diana Vargas- Ayden Middle
    Chris Wheeler- PCS Administration
    Kim Hathaway- Chicod
    Anissa Potter- Ridgewood
    Misti Clark- Chicod
    Katie Denton- Ridgewood
    James Taylor- Bethel School
    Camilla Baker- Ridgewood
    Heather Corack- Ridgewood
    Amy Davenport- Ridgewood
    Melissa Shaw- Ridgewood
    Kayla Chandler- Ridgewood
    FOR the Superintendent from Board and Staff: Dr. Lenker
    Sonny Barr- PCS Human Resources
    Meredith Hill- Creekside Elementary
Last Modified on January 10, 2019