smiles from the superintendent
    Smiles from the Superintendent
    The Superintendent's Office wishes to recognize Pitt County Schools employees who go above and beyond to make a positive difference in the school setting. It is our goal to say thank you with a smile and let employees know they are appreciated. Staff members are surprised with a visit from the superintendent's office, and they receive a "Smiles from the Superintendent's Office" certificate. We are incredibly proud of our employees who work hard, ultimately for the benefit of the students we serve. Follow us on Twitter using #smilesfromthesuper. Click here to see photos of PCS recipients. 
    2019-2020 Smiles List 
    Cathy McCarter-Wellcome Middle School
    Koti Daniels- Wellcome Middle School
    Ervin Wilson- Wellcome Middle School
    Tracy Davenport- South Greenville Elementary School
    Renee Wall- Bethel School
    Vickie Rogister- Bethel School
    Latanya Moore- Pactolus School
    Vickie Wilson- South Greenville Elementary School
    Jennifer Johnson- Central Office
    Angelia Peterson- South Central High School 
    Sasha Braxton- Wintergreen Intermediate
    Kella Williams- PCS Testing Center 
    Lisa Robbins- Sugg/Bundy
    Brooke Gery- Sugg/Bundy
    Valerie Rutledge- IECHS
    Dwan Crandel- Stokes
    Anitra Cook- Farmville Middle School
    Kindergarten Team- HB Sugg:
    Tabatha Sizemore
    Sterling Kirby
    Lori Moore
    Daniella Scinto
    Alex Britt
    Kristen Flynn
    Deedra Wood
    Shannon Dute
    Teresa Harris
    Shannon Edwards
    Lawan Gay
    Regina Chappell
    Delores Spencer
    Harley Engle
    Officer Chestnutt- Sugg/Bundy
    Mary Carter- Central Office
    Alecia Polley- Pactolus
    Angela Ivey- Pactolus
    Christine Galvadores- Pactolus
    Lisa Tate- Central Office
    Kay Weathington- Central Office
    Gwendolyn Barnes- Northwest
    Elizabeth Lane- Ayden Middle
    Gary Outlaw- Ayden Middle
    Heidi Criswell- Central Office
    Angela Jones- HB Sugg
    Katy Swain- Lakeforest 
    Sherry Eason- Lakeforest 
    Ken Kornegay- Lakeforest 
    Karla Allen- AG Cox
    Courtney Dubis- Belvoir
    Jessica Mewborn- South Central
    Elizabeth Webber- South Central
    Don Marr- DH Conley
    Yolanda Williams- Creekside
    Kim Smith- Creekside
    William Strathern III- Creekside
    Gala Gibbs- Creekside
    Becky Wilder- Communities in Schools
    Jekeisha Matthews- Communities in Schools
    Dawn Barefoot- Ayden-Grifton High School
Last Modified on October 25, 2019