• Mission

    Pitt County Schools will lead collaboration between school, home and community to foster student growth and success, both socially and academically, in order to develop productive, global citizens.


    Pitt County Schools will inspire and motivate all learners by providing educational opportunities that engage, empower and elevate students to lead healthy, resourceful and responsible lives.


    Board of Education

    Tracy Everette-Lenz – District 1

    Amy Cole, Chair – District 2

    James E. Tripp, Jr. – District 3

    Don Rhodes – District 4

    Dr. Jennifer Hodgson – District 5

    Worth Forbes – District 6

    Kelly Weaver, Vice-Chair – District 7

    Melinda Fagundus – District 8

    Benjie Forrest – District 9


    The Pitt County Schools Parent-Student Handbook is to serve as a resource for parents and students. Although it references some of the policies and procedures of Pitt County Schools, it is not all-inclusive. To access all district policies, visit our website at www.pittschools.org.

    The information contained within this Handbook is not intended to and shall not supersede the policies of the North Carolina State Board of Education or Pitt County Board of Education. This handbook is a “living” document; therefore, for the more current information and guidelines, please refer to the online version of the Pitt County Schools Parent-Student Handbook found on the Pitt County Schools website: www.pittschools.org. Should there be any required policy changes based on actions of the State Board of Education, North Carolina General Assembly or the Pitt County Board of Education, the content of this Parent-Student Handbook is subject to change without prior notice.