• General Information  

    Blackboard Connect

    Blackboard Connect is a messaging system that allows our school district to personally communicate with parents via phone, email text and/or push notification to the PCS app about emergency situations, school events, school closings and delays and important issues relative to your child’s school or the entire district.  It is important that your child’s school has your accurate contact information so that your family does not miss any important announcements.  By providing a phone number and /or an email address, you are consenting to PCS sending you communications at that number or address.  If you wish to opt-out of receiving such communication, please follow the prompts at the end of the communication messages on how to unsubscribe.


    Home Base Parent Portal

    The Home Base Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades, and assignments. Home Base, powered by Pearson's PowerSchool application, helps keep everyone connected and informed about what is happening in the classroom. Students can keep up with assignments, parents can track their child's progress, and teachers can more easily share information about student progress with parents and students.  Using a single log-in, families with multiple students have the ability to set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time. Contact your school's data manager for more information about the Home Base Parent Portal.


    News Media Access & PCS Publications

    During the school year students are likely to be recorded, videotaped, photographed, interviewed and/or quoted by various types of news media (i.e. radio, television and newspaper) or for PCS publications such as the school or district social media or website.  If you do not wish for your child to be interviewed, recorded, videotaped or photographed, please notify the principal in writing expressing your child’s restriction to the news media and/or PCS publications. 


    Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying (Policy 1710/4021/7230)

    The Board of Education is committed to promoting the worth and dignity of all individuals.  It believes that all employees and students should be treated with respect and be free of unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying for any reason, including on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, or disability.


    The Pitt County Schools Coordinator of Student Services is designated the Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Coordinator.  Students and/or their parents (or legal guardians) are encouraged to submit any complaints of discrimination, harassment, or bullying through the complaint process established in Policy 1720/4015/7225 (Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Complaint Procedures).


    Student and Parent Grievances (Policy 1740/4010)

    While the Board encourages informal resolutions to student and parent grievances, it recognizes that students and parents may want a more formal process for certain types of complaints or to follow if an informal process is not found to be satisfactory.  Board Policy 1740/4010 outlines the grievance process to address situations in which a student or parent believes that a violation, misapplication, or misinterpretation of school board policy or of state or federal law or regulation has occurred.  The exception is of the appeals related to disciplinary actions under the Code of Student Conduct and other situations for which a specific appeal process has been identified by policy.


    As the first step in the grievance process, students or parents should discuss the grievance with the most immediate and appropriate school official within ten (10) calendar days of the occurrence giving rise to the grievance. 


    Enrollment / Withdrawal

    Enrollment of New Students

    When a student enters school without having previously been registered, the student and parent should make immediate contact with the principal/designee.  Every effort will be made immediately to obtain the student's records from the previous school attended by the student.

    Once the registration process has been completed, tentative placement will be made based upon the information available. Final placement will take place after the principal has had the opportunity to review the student's records.


    Enrollment Requirements 

    To enroll in any public school in Pitt County, students must meet the following criteria:

    1.  If under the age of 18, they must live with a parent or court ordered guardian or custodian domiciled within Pitt County unless emancipated by the courts.
    2.  If emancipated or age 18 through 20, they must be domiciled within Pitt County.
    3.  They must have not obtained a high school diploma.


    When Students Transfer from Another School District  

    1. The parent, guardian, or custodian must provide a notarized statement indicating whether the student is under suspension or expulsion from another school, or has been convicted of a felony.
    2. The receiving school shall, within 30 days of enrolling students, obtain the student’s records from the transferring school, including immunization records. If a student or parent provides a copy of the student’s record, the receiving school shall, within 30 days, request written verification of the record.


    Registration of Students Entering During the School Year:

    When a student enters a school in Pitt County during the school year, every effort will be made to immediately obtain his or her records from the school last attended. In addition to the enrollment requirements above, the following steps will be used to register the student:


    1. Conference with parent/guardian and student using total school records.

    (Including report cards and immunizations)

    1. Conference and consultation by phone with the previous school as needed.
    2. Follow-up conference and consultation with the parents and student, plus as needed any achievement and/or ability testing administered by the appropriate school personnel.


    It shall be standard procedure for the student and his or her parent/guardian to receive a complete registration packet on the first visit to the school and to have ample opportunity to discuss the registration of the student with appropriate school personnel.  Registration packets are also available online at www.pittschools.org .

    Withdrawal from School

    The procedure to be followed by the parent/guardian for withdrawing their student:

    1. Inform the principal/designee of the last day the student will be at school and complete the student withdrawal form.
    2. Inform the principal/designee of the new address of the student and the new school he/she will attend, if known.
    3. Turn in library books and textbooks before leaving; pay any fees owed to school.


    School Fee Schedule (K-12)  

    •          Student Fees - $10.00/ year
    •          Return Check Fees - $25.00
    •          Students / parents liable for damage to school buildings and textbooks.


    The preferred payment method is online payments, which can be made at the following site:



    Student Accident Insurance                      Gold           Silver          Bronze        Copper

    School Time                                        $   35.00       $ 18.00         $ 11.00       $ 10.00

    24-Hour                                               $ 160.00       $ 88.00         $ 55.00       $ 50.00

    Extended Dental                                  $     8.00       $   8.00         $   8.00       $   8.00


    For more information about Student Accident Insurance or to enroll, please go to the Pitt County Schools website www.pittschools.org.  Please click on the Parents and Students link and then click on Student Insurance Forms.  Enrollment forms are also available at your school’s main office.


    High School Fees

    • Club dues may exceed $1.00 only when the club is affiliated with the national or state organization.
    • Parking: $50.00/year
    • Graduation Fees at Cost to Student (Seniors Only)       
    • Locks at Cost to Student
    • Gym Uniform at Cost to Student
    • All fees will be collected based upon a student’s ability to pay. Teachers may request students to purchase classroom materials that they determine to be critical to teach the standard course of study.


    Technology Fee


    There is a $20.00 annual technology fee.  If the annual technology fee is paid, the Student and Student’s Parent/ Guardian will be charged as follows for device repair / replacement:


    • 1st incident - covered by technology fee (no cost)
    • 2nd incident - half the cost of the repair / replacement
    • 3rd incident - full cost of repair / replacement
    • Not covered by tech fee: Lost device / theft (due to negligence) / pest infestation / bodily fluids / damage from intentional misuse - full cost of repair / replacement


    If the annual technology fee is not paid the Student and Student’s Parent/ Guardian will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs to the device or replacement of the device.  Tablet protective cases (if provided) and chargers are covered by the first incident.

    21-22 Student Device Agreement: bit.ly/2122SDA

    School Nutrition

    Meal Prices for 2021-2022 -(PK-12)

    NO COST/Free to Enrolled On Campus Students due to USDA for allowing us to provide Breakfast and Lunch under the Seamless Summer Option.


    Any additional items a student requests above the items we offer as a reimbursable meal will have to be paid at Point of Service per USDA guidelines.  Students are expected to pay for purchases in advance or at the time of service.  Students and parents may bring money to the dining room daily, deposit money on account at the cash register or pay on-line using PaySchools Central.


    Student alacarte monies can be deposited to the student’s account over the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using PaySchools Central.  By logging onto www. payschoolscentral.com the parent can easily:

    • Set up an account
    • Deposit money
    • Set e-mail reminders to notify when the student’s account gets low
    • Set up recurring payments
    • Check the student’s account balance
    • Request an activity report that will display what the student has eaten in the previous 30 days


    All that is needed to set up an account is:

    • A valid e-mail address
    • A credit card
    • The student’s PowerSchool identification number


    If money is deposited before 9:00 pm Eastern Time, it is available the next morning in the student’s account.


    Meal Charge Policy (excerpt from Policy 6220)

    Our Meal Charge Policy will not be needed for the school year  2021-22 due to USDA Waiver allowing SSO- Seamless Summer Option to all PCS enrolled on campus students to receive a breakfast and lunch at no cost to them.


    Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Schools

    The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA) provides an alternative to household applications for free and reduced price meals in local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools in high poverty areas. This alternative is referred to as the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).  All students enrolled in CEP designated schools receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.  Applications for Free or Reduced-price meal benefits are not collected at CEP schools.


    CEP Schools in Pitt County

    Ayden Elementary, Ayden Middle School, Ayden Grifton High School, Belvoir Elementary, Bethel School, C.M. Eppes Middle School,  Pitt County Early College ,E. B. Aycock Middle School,  Falkland Elementary, Farmville Middle School, Farmville Central High School, H. B. Sugg Elementary, Sam D. Bundy Elementary, Grifton School, Lakeforest Elementary, North Pitt High School, Northwest Elementary, Pactolus School, Sadie Saulter Early Childhood Center, South Greenville Elementary, Stokes School, Wahl Coates Elementary and Wellcome Middle School.


    Free and Reduced Price Meal Application

    For students enrolled in all other Non-CEP schools, the federal guidelines require a new application each year for households applying for free or reduced-price meal benefits. (There are some exceptions for students who are directly certified through the cooperation of the NC Department of Health and Human Services and the SNAP and Cash Assistance programs.) Even though we will not be requesting payment for meals this school year due to USDA Waiver allowing SSO, you may still need the added benefits that may come from being approved for Free or Reduced Meals during the 2021-22 school year.


    You may pick up an application at a school or from the School Nutrition Central Office at 1717 West 5th Street, Greenville, NC or go online to www.pittschools.org to download a form.

    Please complete only ONE application for your entire household.  A complete set of instructions will be provided in the application packet.

    Households may apply for meal benefits at any time during the school year. Letters of approval or denial of benefits will be mailed to the address in powerschool.  The letters will have the names of the students that have been approved or denied for benefits. If you have students that are not on the letter you must contact the School Nutrition Office so we can extend benefits to them.  We do not know if we are missing any siblings unless the household informs us.


    Special Dietary Needs

    School Nutrition Services strives to meet the daily nutritional needs of all students through the National School Breakfast, Lunch and After School Snack programs.  If your child has a special dietary need/unique mealtime need (such as a severe food allergy, modified food texture, or food intolerance), please review the important information below to ensure your child’s needs are being met. If your child is a vegetarian or has other food preferences such as a pork-free diet, School Nutrition Services can meet these needs with the variety of choices available at breakfast, lunch. and snack.  It is the policy of Pitt County Schools to substitute regular milk with lactose free milk for lactose intolerance and to substitute regular milk with soy milk for milk allergy.


    Special Note for 2020-2021 school year. Due to Covid 19 regulations on how we may provide meal service there may be times students will not have as many options for items to pick from for their meal(s) at school.  Menus’ will be posted for families to determine if the School Nutrition meal for each day is what the student would like to have. 


    Food Allergies (Peanut, Tree nut, Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Fish, Shellfish)

    If your child has a medically documented disability according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)* that requires dietary modifications, a Medical Statement must be completed and submitted to School Nutrition Services.

    The Medical Statement includes Part A, Part B, and Part C and must be completed by different parties.

    Part A should be completed by the parent/guardian.  Part A (page 1) of the Medical Statement includes all information needed from the parent/guardian and should be completed in its entirety.

    Part B should only be completed by the Licensed Physician/Medical Authority.  Part B (page 2) of the Medical Statement is required as documentation of the medical need and should be completed in its entirety and signed by the licensed physician.

    Part C indicates the Medical Statement has been reviewed by School Nutrition Staff and UMN Team Coordinator.  Completion of Part C indicates that the form has been received by School Nutrition staff and UMN Coordinator reviewed for compliance, databases updated with current information, and becomes the final copy once signed by designated staff.  You may be contacted regarding any concern related to the Medical Statement that has been submitted for your student.


    Please note:

    • If a Medical Statement from a licensed physician is not received by School Nutrition Services, the child’s diet order cannot be processed and he/she may receive a regular meal.
    • Part B of the Medical Statement must be completed by a Licensed Physician or Medical Authority (Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner).  Part B of the Medical Statement completed by parents/guardians will not be accepted.
    • The current Medical Statement on file will be honored until a new Medical Statement is updated by the licensed physician and received by School Nutrition Services. 
    • School staff must follow the dietary orders on the current Medical Statement on file and cannot make dietary changes without an updated form from the licensed physician.
    • Please return completed forms to your child’s teacher or school nurse or the staff person who gave you this form.  

     Medical Statement Link: https://www.pitt.k12.nc.us/Page/2082