• Multi-Classroom Teachers

    MCTs are master teachers, as demonstrated by both classroom observation and student performance data, who co-teach across multiple classrooms with other teachers and apprentice them in the art and science of what highly effective instruction looks like. By focusing on two or more teachers and working in depth with them on a daily basis through modeling, co-teaching, and reflection, these teachers will directly impact students in multiple classrooms.  Multi-Classroom Teachers will have demonstrated high effectiveness with students and adults and will have multiple educational credentials (such as National Board Certification and an additional certification such as an advanced degree in the relevant area or an internal certification through the district).


    MCTs are requested by the School Improvement Team (SIT), allotted by the District Office, and finally identified by a team consisting of the Co-Teachers and the school principal. The fact that MCTs will teach with Co-Teachers ensures their influence extends beyond the walls of one single classroom. Students benefit directly by being taught by a highly-effective MCT and by having two teachers in the classroom rather than one to allow for more individualized instruction, thereby aligning to the district’s vision and mission. It also expands the reach of these highly-effective teachers exponentially so that they can influence more students than if they remained in their own classroom.

    MCTs receive a stipend of $10,000.  For more information on MCTs, and for forms created to support MCTs in completing their jobs, please review the links at the top of this page.


    MCT Qualification Criteria



Degrees and Certifications:

Ashley Smith

Career Pathway Specialist

MCT Lead