• Registration for Electronic Flyers
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    The Pitt County School System utilizes an electronic flyer communication tool called Peachjar. To register to view school-approved flyers from outside organizations, simply click here and click the register link located in the top right corner. 

    The school system is continuing to build its email database, and some parents may have already received email notifications from Peachjar. Those who did not need to register in order to receive the electronic flyers from outside organizations. Please note that this applies only to materials distributed by community organizations and each school and the school system will continue to distribute paper flyers/letters that pertain to the individual school and/or school system.

    To ensure smooth delivery of the email communication, it is suggested that you add "school@peachjar.com" to your email contacts. Note: add "school@peachjar.com" to your contact list as it is written; do not change it to the name of your school@peachjar.com. When you receive your first eflyer, be sure to click "always display images."

    The system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purposes. Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure parents are well informed about school programs, activities, and events. 

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Last Modified on July 29, 2021